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Adiel Gorel

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Adiel Gorel has been inspiring worldwide and throughout the United States, sharing his life-long experiences and knowledge on various subjects. His highlighting topics are 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, investing in single-family homes, and a robust financial future. If we are to explore further Adiel’s areas of expertise related to inspire speaking, we can summarize them into four categories as follows.


Personal Development – Adiel has a born talent for getting the spotlight among other inspiring speakers in the USA. He is guiding his listeners to find purpose and meaning in their lives. He talks about motivation, inspiration, or overcoming hard times, which helps his followers act and see the world from a new angle. He has a broad knowledge of fitness, health, nutrition, and a healthy living style. Gorel has been studying the depth of these areas. He created a Public Television Special Life 201, in which he shares knowledge and practical takeaways of eight world class specialists.



Investment Counseling – Adiel provides encouragement and guidance to thousands of investors, from novice to expert, purchasing over 10,000 properties to date. He has a passion for supporting individual investors through planning, assistance in remote home buying, and property management issues resolution. With many years of successful investment career, he shares his gains and failures, which helps his listeners to focus on one purpose and inspire them to improve their work. This makes him more popular among other inspiring speakers in the USA. His real estate investment firm ICG (International Capital Group) has established a strong foundation to support many investors in several areas in the US.



Youth Mentoring – Another specialty in Adel, among other inspiring speakers, is that he has a unique way of addressing all age groups in events. Regardless of any age, you are, he always makes sure that you will feel like he is talking to you individually. He inspires young people to lead healthy, ambitious lives, with relatively simple topics like taking school seriously, finding meaning in life, benefits of studying hard, and learning how to interact with others respectfully. Gorel has taught thousands of young investors how to secure a healthy financial future for college, business investments, and retirement since 1987.



Contribution to the Community – Adel often talks about various critical social and community issues in his speeches. He considers educating the public and giving them the power to take positive action as one of his responsibilities as a specialty of inspiring speakers. Adiel has been featured on NBC, ABC, in Fortune Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, and numerous radio shows showcasing his vision of single-family home investing. Some of the most outstanding publications which he gifted to the community are.

  • Remote-Controlled Real Estate Riches – The Busy Person’s Guide to Real Estate Investing,
  • Discovering Real Estate in America Capital City Wealth Builders ® Discover U ® More
  • Life 201: A one-stop-shop for your health, wealth & happiness.




Adiel Gorel

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