Aging ‘Normally’ Or A Youthful, Vibrant You? Natural Health Improvement Gives You A Choice

Adiel Gorel

Why Chronic Disease and Degenerative Conditions May Not Be Inevitable After All

Natural health improvement and enhancing the human lifespan are something that the medical and scientific communities have worked on for hundreds of years. To be sure, increased life expectancies in not just the wealthy countries but even less developed countries is a testament to the success of this work. However, we do have to ask ourselves this: Is it enough to elongate life, though? Isn’t health span more important? This is something that I have frequently discussed with my podcast guests; most recently with Dr. John Sottery. The 63-year-young PhD scientist, on my show a second time, has some very exciting information to share.

Getting the molecular perspective.

Looking at John Sottery, one would easily think of him as being far younger than his actual years. Amazingly fit, the man has visible abs at age 63 and has the kind of vitality and vigor most younger people would envy. And with good reason – he is someone who believes that “aging normally” is a disaster and natural health improvement is the way to go! He has really delved into what causes disease and degeneration in the human body. John has created a scientific roadmap to becoming healthier, stronger, and more energetic, and now helps others do the same with his Bionic Vitality Program.

While he clarifies that he is not a medical doctor, his background in chemistry uniquely qualifies him to understand the inner workings of the body at the fundamental, molecular level. He has deeply researched the working of lipopolysaccharides (LPs) that are produced in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria that live in the gut. He mentions studies of researchers who have been working on this; who have found that LPs are responsible for inflammation and consequent disease and degeneration of the body’s systems. He finds that this could have such profound impacts on the immune system as contributing to metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and possibly neurological impairment.

To maximize health span, we must slow down tissue damage and accelerate cell repair in our bodies. – Dr. John Sottery

Gut health has far-reaching consequences for natural health improvement.

John mentions experts such as Dr. Rhonda Patrick, author David Aspery and even jokes about the legendary George Carlin (fittingly) in various contexts on the podcast. In particular, John has a lot of insight to share about certain probiotic strains such as lactobacillus GC. While it is not cheap, it is seen to have very positive impacts in that it increases mucus production and improves the barrier function of the gut.

Interestingly, John shares his story about an incident of food poisoning he had back in 1999 on a business trip to Europe. This continued to trouble him for many years until he realized that the food poisoning had triggered SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). He was able to resolve this 15-year-old problem with capsules of activated charcoal. John also speaks about his experiences with psyllium fiber, something that he calls bulletproof coffee and other interventions.

John has been speaking at various events about natural health improvement and the formula of his smoothie is designed to include bioflavonoids along with fiber. He tells me who would benefit from VIOME testing and why. He tells us why, though oral health is connected to cardiovascular health, using mouthwash isn’t a good idea. Listen to my podcast with Dr. John Sottery to know how you can start to regain the youthful vitality you thought was part of your past.

Adiel Gorel

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