Does Light Nourish Us? The Benefits of Light Nutrition Will Surprise You

Adiel Gorel
How Lack of Light Impacts Health and What to Do About It
Recently I have been learning so much about the different aspects of nutrition from varied experts that it has opened up my mind to new ways of thinking. However, this is not something that practitioners of western medicine are trained for. This is why issues such as chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and mood disorders so often remain undiagnosed. And then there is the issue of nutrition that the skin, our organs and hormones get from the light spectrum. This is a conversation that seems to be missing altogether from the medical community. As we need nutrients from various food sources, we also need light energy, as my friend Chad and I discuss here.

What is light nutrition?

Our lifestyles typically prevent us from getting the sort of light nutrition that we need, which is something that energy specialist Ari Whitten has been studying and has written about in his book The Energy Blueprint. We evolved to awaken and become active with the daylight hours and to rest during the hours of darkness. However, the artificial light we live with – and especially the blue light emitted by the screens and gadgets that surround us, confuses our brains and bodies. Blue light is very oxidative and is known to be associated with eye strain, premature cataracts, mood disorders, issues with sleep and potentially other diseases.
To counteract these kinds of light nutrition issues, experts suggest the use of light therapy. We now have access to specially designed light panels where we are exposed to infrared and near infrared lights in particular. This is thought to have healing impacts that could help with pain relief, and counter oxidative stress to have anti-aging impacts. However it is important to not be taken in by inferior quality products that may not offer the benefits that light therapy can when used correctly. With the right product, just a few minutes of light therapy each day can give results.

What is hormesis and how to make it work for you.

Another aspect of health that we don’t speak about enough is hormesis, where the body is exposed to certain stressors and toxins in controlled ways to create favorable outcomes. In fact we can see this in our day to day life, when small amounts of stress seem to bring out the best in us. We become more alert, focus and productivity improve, and we seem to become more creative and better problem solvers! We also see this process in the way that exercising with weights and resistance stimulates muscle growth, and increases endurance and strength.
Therapies that expose us to extreme temperatures are a way to induce this response from the body. Steam and sauna that expose us to very high temperatures, or cryotherapy that exposes the body to very low temperatures can help improve health, remove toxins, and even trigger fat loss. Chad and I speak about all this and more in the latest episode of The Adiel Gorel Show. Join us to know more about light therapy and how you could enhance your health and wellbeing with the right kind of light nutrition. 
Adiel Gorel

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