Dr John Beaulieu Shares Vital Insight into Mindfulness, Meditation and the Sound Journey

Adiel Gorel
I often wonder why, since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, all we hear about is pharmacological interventions, vaccines and so on – in other words, expensive cures. Why do we hear next to nothing about prevention of disease with simple modalities such as meditation and sun exposure for Vitamin D? This is because the former system stands to make a lot of people a lot of money, whereas the latter does not! So, while one system is invasive and possibly toxic, it is pushed much more than natural, noninvasive, inexpensive and effective systems. For instance how many of us know about the simple, useful, doable therapy of sound healing?

Dr. John Beaulieu’s research into sound therapy.

For decades, Dr. John Beaulieu has been researching how sound and the lack of it impacts the body and the mind. He has empowered numerous people all over the world to self-heal with modalities he has painstakingly developed over the years. He has conducted extensive experiments in the anechoic chambers in New York, and with musical instruments and tuning forks and so on. He has created sound healing modalities, which, when used in conjunction with yoga and meditation, have produced amazing results on physical and mental wellness.
For decades, Dr. Beaulieu has been helping people heal naturally and has been training and lecturing at various reputed institutions in the United States and abroad. Product videos, sound healing hypnosis, free downloads, products such as tuning forks, books and so on are available at biosonics.com for people interested in sound healing.

Mindfulness and meditation.

In the course of our conversation, I ask Dr. Beaulieu about the ideal duration of meditation each day and he had an amazing answer for me: “Just one minute of meditation is beneficial,” he says. And he explains: expecting busy people with lots of pressure on their time to devote 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night to meditation is unrealistic. It creates too much pressure and compliance will be difficult to achieve, he says. Just one minute of consistent, regular meditation, particularly when integrated with yoga can help to train the nervous system and produce remarkable results. For instance, Qigong and Tai Chi have been seen to be beneficial among those with Parkinson’s Disease. Similarly, researchers have found that meditation can really benefit those with heart disease.
Dr. Beaulieu stresses the importance of mindful listening, which stimulates a part of the brain called the codec nucleolus. This helps us perceive things in a more insightful manner and helps us become more intuitive. In the course of our conversation, we also speak about brain waves such as the alpha, delta and gamma waves, and how these waves operate during sleep and wakefulness. According to Dr. Beaulieu the impacts of stress can be very negative and we need to learn how to spontaneously adjust to stress in life.
Dr. John Beaulieu explains how sound healing works; how using tuning forks of specific frequencies at the body’s acupuncture points and reflex points produce results. He believes that it is possible to make simple changes and adopt inexpensive daily practices that can be truly transformational for life. He agrees with me that we could also make our immune systems a lot stronger in many simple ways, but that these protocols are not promoted or made widely known   because there is no money in it.
Dr. Beaulieu is now 73 and he doesn’t involve himself in workshops and hands-on therapy as much as before. However, he wants more people to meditate and adopt natural healing, and pursue their own sound journeys as he puts it. During the course of our conversation we speak about enlightenment vs enlightening – how it is not a result but an ongoing process. 
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sound healing and meditation
Adiel Gorel

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