From World War II to a Diet with Healthy Fats – Udo Erasmus’s Fascinating Story

Adiel Gorel

How Fats Can Heal as Well as Kill – Udo Erasmus Has Spent 40 Years Explaining This

Udo Erasmus is 80, but a very sprightly and youthful-looking octogenarian who consumes a diet with healthy fats. This is because he has dedicated his life to finding out the secrets to a healthy life, particularly healthy eating, and has shared his insight with numerous others around the world. He is the founder of UDO’S CHOICE, a supplement company that produces cutting-edge health products such as flaxseed oil, which can be found in leading health food stores. Udo is also the author of the celebrated book Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill. I caught up with Udo recently and had him on as a podcast guest for The Adiel Gorel Show. His is a fascinating personal storytune in to know about his books and business, and scroll to the bottom of this page for an exclusive offer.

The aftermath of World War II.

Born in the early 1940s, Udo has some fascinating but also horrifying stories to share. His father lived through the Bolshevik Revolution, and Udo himself was born on what he calls a ‘stolen farm’. He speaks about fleeing Poland, being chased by communist tanks, and being shot at by allied planes while there were dead people and horses in the ditches. There was a brief period Udo was at an orphanage in Berlin before being reunited with his mother. As he lived with a lot of strife in his young days, he had this sense of insecurity and the desire to see human beings live in harmony. He wanted to understand how creatures worked – the reason he got into science.

Udo has an educational background in medicine, bioscience, psychology, and genetics. He speaks about his marriage breaking up leading him to take up a job as a pesticide sprayer. In his late 30s, Udo found himself with pesticide poisoning, and a desire to put his education to use to understand how disease and nutrition worked. He found that human beings were living very differently from the way nature intended us to and that most of our diseases were a result of this. He turned to research, but here as well he was stymied by the contradictions he found there regarding a diet with healthy fats and nutrients.

I got into science because I wanted to understand how things work. Knowing how things work makes them predictable. – Udo Erasmus

The research – what do we believe?

In the 1970s the scientific community was looking closely at omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and their impacts on the human body. Udo found that while studies found omega-6 to be an essential nutrient for the human body, studies also found that the nutrient has carcinogenic properties. How could both be true, he wondered.

His research led him to the conclusion that it isn’t so much the nutrients themselves that are to blame. It is, in fact, how the oil is extracted, and how food is cooked in oil that is responsible for the harmful impacts on the body. Sometimes it no longer remains a diet with healthy fats due to the cooking process. While these nutrients are vital for the normal functioning of the body, they are sensitive and reactive to light, heat, and oxygen. The way oil is produced with a corrosive base, and the damage it sustains during the extraction process is what causes the problem.

Tune in to my podcast to know more about Udo Erasmus’s story – about how he moved back in with his mother, and how it was 15 years before his products started to make money. For our listeners and readers, we have an exclusive offer: go here for exclusive free access to Udo’s new book Your Body Needs An Oil Change and bonus videos. 

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