Half the Population Misses This One Simple Trick to Achieve Better Health

Adiel Gorel

Olympic Athletes Benefitted From This Technique – So Can You
How would you like to get health and fitness tips, advice about nutrition and enhanced wellbeing from some of the world’s experts on the subject? As a long-term investment expert and lifelong wellness seeker, this is what I bring to my listeners via The Adiel Gorel Show. If you would like to be privy to some of the most enlightening conversations around simple life changes to reap massive benefits, this is for you. My good friend, fellow seeker and entrepreneur Chad Lefevre and I have just the thing for you.

Decoding that mystery pain or mystery illness.

Every so often, we have a niggling pain or some recurring symptoms that even the doctors cannot seem to explain. Could this be because over the years, you’ve forgotten to breathe properly, or more likely because no one ever explained the importance of a proper breathing technique? Quite amazingly, half of the population breathes the wrong way. Making a simple but vital change in life – shifting from mouth breathing to nasal breathing – is seen to have tremendous benefits.
People such as Dr. James Nestor have devoted their life to figuring out the right way to breathe and to uncovering the many problems caused by people breathing the wrong way. The right breathing technique can resolve several intractable ailments and even improve sleep quality. I myself can testify to improving my sleep quality with the help of this simple device that I use as I explain in my conversation with Chad.
I had the good fortune of meeting Carl Stough, otherwise known as Dr. Breath, who also dedicated his life to helping people breathe correctly. He had helped opera singers and Olympic athletes achieve better outcomes with the help of his techniques techniques that I can vouch for after giving them a try.

The importance of nitric oxide.

Another vital but little known subject is the importance of nitric oxide – again about half of the population misses this benefit because of the habit of mouth breathing. We are only now understanding the vital importance of this miracle molecule and how it impacts life. We are also discovering that it is actually quite easy to increase its availability for the body.  Patrick McKeown is someone who has done a deep dive into this issue and he is someone I will be interviewing in the near future.
Listen in as I discuss these vital, but sadly overlooked, aspects of health and wellness with my friend Chad, and soon with a number of other experts. Why not use these simple, natural ways to improve health and enhance quality of life? Make a start today!
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