How Acupuncture Helps You Remain Younger Than Your Years

Adiel Gorel

Prevent Premature Aging – Naturally and Effectively

Erlene Chiang was sticking clothes pins into her dolls at age five because of how fascinating the concept of acupuncture was to her. She was born in Taiwan and came to the United States at age 12, yet, her calling was always very clear. She wanted to work to enhance the physical and mental wellness of people, and never wanted to do anything else. So she went to acupuncture college at age 18, and at 21, became the youngest acupuncturist in California. My personal experience with acupuncture has been amazing and I can think of no better person to explain it to my viewers and podcast listeners. I was delighted to have Erlene Chiang on my show recently where we discussed acupuncture, wellness, living the natural life, nutrition, and much more.

Unblocking blockages, and healing.

Erlene explains in simple terms what acupuncture is. It is an ancient system of healing, which belongs within the 3000 year old system of traditional Chinese medicine. This healing system consists of inserting needles at specific points on the body. The system contemplates the body’s vital life force or qi circulating through the body. When there are blockages that prevent the smooth and unimpeded flow of qi, there is pain and imbalance in the body, and we experience disease. The system of acupuncture targets certain points in the body to clear the blockages that prevent the flow of qi. This is similar to the Indian concept of ‘prana’ or life force within the body.
Now there is a lot of controversy about acupuncture in some circles. This healing system is well accepted as a complementary treatment by a lot of medical practitioners. However, some call it pseudo-science because they claim qi cannot be measured or quantified or experimented upon. As I discuss with Erlene, this is no reason to dismiss the use and efficacy of the system. Maybe it is simply a matter of science catching up in times to come!
In the meanwhile, there is no reason to ignore this powerful healing system that can have so many benefits for the body and mind. As I have seen myself, Erlene exudes a powerful heat just from her hands as she performs her therapies, so maybe this is just something that the world of western medicine is yet to learn. 

“The natural way.”

Much of our discussion is about ways in which we need to lead the sort of life that nature intended for us to lead. The balance of the Yin and Yang is vital but is often missing from our lives. We are meant to awaken with the sunrise, remain active during the daylight hours and then wind down, relax and become still as the quiet of darkness descends. This is the time for the body to repair, reduce inflammation, and to help us awaken fresh and relaxed and full of energy. We also need to be more in tune with the rhythms of the seasons: the renewal of spring, the energy of summer and so on.
During our conversation we also spoke about the importance of sleeping in a dark and quiet area, and about how we can age more gracefully by working to be more flexible. Watch the latest episode of The Adiel Gorel Show with Erlene Chiang to know more about acupuncture and the natural lifestyle. 
Adiel Gorel

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