How Beth Greer Detoxed Her Life and Shrank Her Own Tumor

Adiel Gorel

Do You Know About The Toxins That Surround Us? 

For most of us, discovering a tumor is terrible news. For Beth Greer as well, it was a painful discovery – literally and figuratively. However, when she was advised to undergo some very complicated surgery, she decided that she was going to take another approach. For Beth – patient advocate, writer, speaker and more – this was the beginning of a transformation. She used unique non-invasive interventions that not only helped her avoid surgery, but actually shrank and got rid of her tumor!

Getting rid of a tumor naturally.

Nagging pain in the shoulder first alerted Beth to the presence of a tumor – the size of a tennis ball as it turned out! To begin with, Beth switched to raw food and green drinks and underwent colonics. Another unique thing Beth did was to commune with her disease – a meditation technique where one just speaks to their disease. In just a few days, she noticed the pain easing up. Just a week of this natural detox protocol made it clear that she was on to a good thing. These were effective techniques that were actually helping.
After switching from the outside food and the microwaved food to raw food, the next thing that Beth noticed was the moisturizer that she was using. Reading the label, she found a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients and some basic research told her that these were all toxic chemicals. She decided that she wasn’t going to put that cocktail of chemicals onto her skin, the body’s biggest organ, and she switched to all natural products. For instance she uses baking soda as deodorant and it really works for her as well as for others she has advised, such as a Bikram Yoga teacher.
Beth made other changes – detoxifying her toiletries, cleaning materials, mattress and so on, over the next six months. By her 50th birthday, the pain had disappeared and a few months later, the scan showed that the tumor had as well!

The invisible toxins all around us.

Beth Greer’s book Supernatural Home embodies her message about detoxing, cleaning, clarifying and simplifying life. Here she speaks about the many insidious ways that we consume or otherwise expose ourselves to chemicals and toxins. Processed foods contain numerous chemicals: artificial colors, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives and so on. Cleaning materials are loaded with toxins. Even the word ‘fragrance’ on the ingredient label of products is a red flag because just this could actually be a cocktail of up to a hundred different chemicals, sometimes more.        
Beth has helped a lot of people become healthier and disease-free by advising them to make simple tweaks to their life. During our conversation she told me the possible negative impacts of artificial sweeteners and even unfiltered water! Her advice to one friend cured her of a chronic cough, while changing the location of an air purifier helped cure the chronic headaches of a young boy.
Beth shares a lot of her experience and insight with me in this episode of The Adiel Gorel Show. Tune in to know how you can start to detox your body and your environment. Do yourself and your family a favor by changing over to a healthier, simpler, cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle.
Adiel Gorel

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