How Environmental Toxins Impact Us & What You Can Do To Detox Safely

Adiel Gorel
Resolve Environmental Challenges to Health – Dr. Lu Explains
I think we all realize that while western medicine is considered to be the mainstream or default system of healthcare, it is not a perfect system. One of the limitations of this system that we encounter repeatedly is that while it identifies and attempts to treat the symptoms of disease, the root causes tend to be overlooked. The sort of environmental toxins that surround us, and the high levels of stress we are subject to every day are what cause disease. How do we address these, the root of our health problems? Dr. Shanhong Lu has made it her life’s mission to do this as she explained to me in my latest episode.

What western medicine does not see.

Dr. Lu explains how she developed issues like autoimmune, Hashimoto, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, PVC computation, and digestive issues about 16 years ago. As a medical doctor she conducted all the regular tests – blood tests, cardiogram, pulmonary function tests etc. However, everything came up ‘normal’, which is what led her to ask the questions about western medicine.
So what is this ‘American factor’ that gives rises to so many chronic illnesses? What is the mainstream healthcare system ignoring? Dr. Lu offers the example of how cancer goes undetected until it spreads and metastasizes in so many cases. Western medicine seems unable to detect such diseases until it is often too late. It doesn’t examine how the brain has evolved and how it responds to stress, which leads to disease. So, Dr. Lu has made it her life’s mission to get to the root of disease and disorders, and in the process seems to have discovered the fountain of youth – because she looks younger and healthier than ever now!

Making toxins visible.

Western medicine is all about naming and treating disease. There is more focus on this rather than trying to identify the source of disease and to limit exposure to those disease-causing factors and toxins. So when people develop diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer, autoimmune diseases, or have trouble losing weight, are we really trying to identify the root causes? Dr. Lu suggests urine tests and other uncomplicated testing protocols that will help to identify environmental causes, genetic codes, heavy metals, deficiencies that could be the root causes. She also suggests nutritional guidance to help limit the negative impacts of these factors.
While Dr. Lu acknowledges the importance of detoxing processes, she advises against blindly following processes such as juicing and chelation. She explains that these could actually be causing immune imbalances in the body, which is why it is best to avoid drastic or invasive processes. Dr. Lu spoke to me about the dangers of our exposure to heavy metals and the way they bind to proteins in the body.  We explored the possibility of using alternatives in the field of, say, dentistry that could help reduce this exposure.
Dr. Lu has made it her life’s work to treat complex, chronic illnesses that seem to have no solution. She recommends natural techniques for detoxification, plant based lifestyle solutions and designs ways to reestablish neuro, endocrine, immune homeostasis. Listen to my conversation with Dr. Shanhong Lu, which I promise you is both fascinating and educational!
Adiel Gorel

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