How Nitric Oxide Impacts Important Body Functions and How to Get More of It

Adiel Gorel
I recently had an enlightening and transformative interview with someone who has dedicated their life to finding natural, inexpensive but effective ways to improve health and immunity. Researcher and scientist Dr. Nathan Bryan started to work with nitric oxide shortly after the Nobel was awarded for the discovery that nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. Since then Dr. Bryan has been working in the field discovering fascinating ways that this molecule works with the body’s systems. He shared his findings with me in our recent chat.

The signaling molecule of the body.

Over the years there is much that we have come to understand about how the body produces the nitric oxide molecule, how it functions, and why it is so important. However, there is still a lot that we don’t know. We do know that this is the body’s signaling molecule and that its most important aspect is that it regulates blood flow. It helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels, which has a beneficial impact on the body’s functioning.
Dr. Nathan Bryan’s research has revealed that inadequate production of this molecule is linked to cognitive issues, heart disease, vascular dementia, premature aging, and even sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Now in COVID times, they have also discovered that patients who are deficient in nitric oxide are much likelier to be seriously ill, need hospitalization or even die. So actually, nitric oxide has been seen to protect us from the coronavirus as well. In fact, it protects from pretty much any type of pathogen that tries to attack the system because of the way it shores up the body’s immunity. The research in this area has made it increasingly clear that this has the potential to be truly transformative for preventive medicine in times to come. However, what makes things more challenging is the fact that this molecule has a life of just one second. This makes it necessary for us to find ways for the body to derive benefit from it in that short period of time.

How to help the body produce more nitric oxide.

Dr. Nathan Bryan has worked to develop safe and effective functional, bioactive natural products in the treatment and prevention of human disease. He continues to research the working of nitric oxide and its production. He has also been involved in creating products that help the body increase its production of nitric oxide. This is really exciting because this may provide the basis for new preventive or therapeutic modalities and improved public health.
Nathan and I also spoke about infrared and other types of saunas that we can use at home. With most of us living in climate controlled spaces for most of the time, we don’t sweat as much as we used to and certainly not as much as we should. This means that the body is unable to detoxify and get rid of waste as it should. This is where saunas can work really well, so during our chat Nathan recommends the type of sauna that is a good choice for people to use at home.
During our in depth and truly revelatory conversation about nitric oxide, we also touched on other topics such as the applications of salivary test strips and their uses. Nathan has also developed a type of lozenge that could actually help us produce more of this molecule. I recommend this episode to anyone who is interested in enhancing health and wellness via proven, safe, natural methods. 
Adiel Gorel

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