How Probiotics Benefits Can Help the Body Self-Heal

Adiel Gorel

The Gut Microbiome Impacts Your Mental and Physical Health


She is the strongest proponent of probiotics benefits and the founder-president of Natren, the probiotic supplement company. She is Natasha Trenev, my podcast guest. Though she is 75, her skin belies her age. Natasha credits precision probiotics for the glow of her skin. This is just one of the benefits of using good quality probiotic supplements, says Natasha. These gut health supplements can be used by any person of any age and can enhance gut health, she says.

Recent research has shown us how a gut health reset is related to mood, physical health, immunity, and a whole lot more. In part two of my podcast with Natasha Trenev, we speak about probiotic gut health supplements, bacterial strains, and more.

Lactobacillus bacteria.

This is the bacteria that is found in yogurt, cheese, sourdough, and other fermented items. We know that these probiotics’ benefits include the ability to protect us against a host of infections and skin problems. Natasha started to research lactobacillus acidophilus and its antimicrobial properties during the 1970s. This was the time when people were trying non-fat diets in a bid to get healthy, but this didn’t seem to be working.

Many years of research led Natasha to understand the value of bifidobacteria, the most important bacteria in the large intestine. However, it took people a long time to take her findings seriously. She, however, continued to educate people and developed products that people could safely take at any age and stage of life – even while pregnant. Natasha found that friendly gut bacteria could help people become healthier, digest food effectively, improve the immune system, live longer, and more. Lactobacillus bulgaricus has the ability to predigest food she found.

Natren probiotic supplements.


Sometimes, taking antibiotics is unavoidable to overcome an infection, but we can mitigate this with the help of probiotics. – Natasha Trenev

Natasha is past what we call the age of retirement but is committed to educating people about probiotics’ benefits. This is certainly something I identify with – being someone who is also ‘past the age of retirement’ but passionate enough about my work to simply continue working. Natasha founded her company, Natren, because she is passionate about her work. She has a team of dedicated people working with her who have been with her for years and want to stay on until she is ready to retire.

Her flagship product, Healthy Trinity, works to help people with compromised health, enhance energy, and improve mood and skin. Natren produces other probiotic gut health supplements. Megadophilus improves digestion, vaginal health, and immune function and supports fertility. Bifido Factor is another powder supplement that supports the liver and facilitates waste disposal and elimination. Digesta-lac, Life Start Vegan, and other variations are also available for sale on the Natren website. Probiotics benefits are well documented and available to all.

In the course of our conversation, we speak about whether intermittent fasting works and how fasting has been a part of cultures all over the world for centuries. We also speak about the reasons why some societies have very high rates of longevity and low rates of disease. This has to do not only with what we eat but how we eat. Eating as a social activity to be enjoyed and savored has benefits beyond merely nourishing the body. It seems to nourish the mind as well.

While Natasha is a proponent of eating fermented foods, she warns against its indiscriminate use. For instance, the starter cultures used in kefirs are not being regulated, she says. The so-called plant-based milks may not have the benefits of fermenting that they may claim to.

Is Kombucha a desirable thing to have? How beneficial is kimchi? Are very hot foods good or bad for us? Natasha Trenev has some very clear opinions on all of these, and she shares these with my listeners on my podcast. Learn more about probiotics’ benefits and a gut health reset. Don’t miss this episode of The Adiel Gorel Show. 

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