How to Breathe the Right Way and Its Many Proven Benefits

Adiel Gorel
Make This Simple Change to Improve Blood Chemistry, Circulation, Strength and Health
As I had promised my followers, I invited world renowned author and leading expert of the Buteyko Breathing Method Patrick McKeown on my show recently. I was really excited to speak with Patrick about his research and personal experiences with nasal breathing. Patrick reveals how simply changing his breathing technique was transformational for him, and this ties-in with my own experience. I think it will be transformational for you too! Watch the episode here.

Beating chronic asthma.

Patrick suffered from chronic nasal obstruction and chronic asthma, subsisting on a range of meds and inhalers till he was 26. However, after 20 years of trying to manage and living with these chronic conditions Patrick adopted the principles of the Buteyko Breathing Method. He became asthma free naturally! Patrick explains how breathing is tied to so many other body functions: clearing nasal congestion, improving sleep quality, delivering oxygen more effectively to the organs, and even creating a relaxation response. He has set out his experiences in his bestselling books ‘Close Your Mouth’ and ‘Asthma Free Naturally’, which have been on Amazon’s bestseller lists for years.

How breathing impacts athletic performance and more.

Patrick Oxygen Advantage® Program has been used by elite athletes for improving their athletic performance. He explains how the breathing technique impacts athletes and how he has helped Olympians improve their endurance and ability. Consider what happens when people go out running and are breathing through the mouth rather than the nose. The mouth is open, the mouth dries out – this is obvious and immediately noticeable. However, this can also result in poor dental health and the traumatizing of the upper airways. This means that less moisture is reaching the lower airways. In turn this contributes to bronchoconstriction, reduced oxygen uptake, reduced oxygen delivery and a greater fraction of expired oxygen.
Patrick tells me how, in any yoga studio the rule of thumb should be that no one’s breathing should be heard. The focus on breathing should be such that the resonance and frequency and cadence of yogis and their breath should not be audible. This is because the ancient yogis said the breath should be subtle. Don’t breathe hard, breathe light! Modern yoga gurus such as Robin Rothenberg also ratify this view, says Patrick.

Breathe your way to good health.

People who talk for a living are exhausted at the end of the day – why is this? Again, it is because so many are simply breathing the wrong way! Patrick speaks of LA based voice coach Roger Love who advises students to breathe through the nose even while they sing through the mouth. This way it is possible to prevent the vocal chords from drying out!
Patrick also shares some brilliant insights into other aspects of breathing – he speaks about the impact of increasing carbon dioxide in the circulatory system. He gives the example of nervous performers backstage breathing into a paper bag to calm their nerves. How does this work and how can you create these positive impacts in your own life?
Patrick also tells me how to breathe using the technique where one pinches the nose. Why and how should you do this? Can it really have a beneficial impact on panic attacks? Check out this episode to find out and start transforming your life today!
Adiel Gorel

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