How to Experience a Sound Bath – In Conversation with Alessandra Montana

Adiel Gorel
Sound Heals Us – Vibrations Give Hope to the Soul
Alessandra Montana is a yoga guru and a sound therapist who lives on the edge of a forest in Tulum, Mexico. I had the good fortune to connect with her recently, and she joined me on my show to explain her work in sound therapy. In our two part conversation, she explains her journey to me, and even more fascinatingly, she creates an ethereal experience of a sound bath for us.

The concept of a sound bath.

Having experienced a sound bath, which Alessandra created using Himalayan sound bowls, I could understand how this can have a positive impact on the mind and the body. I was left wanting more and I could see how this could be something that so many people enjoy and rely upon for their wellness. For me, it was very much a meditative experience something that helps the heart to attain a state of natural calm and peace. Alessandra said something that really resonated with me: she said sound healing or vibration is a way to give hope to the soul!
To understand how her therapies work, you may want to check out Alessandra’s Instagram handle called OneLoveOneSound, You can see some of the stunning beaches and caves where she conducts her therapy sessions, and also check out some images and videos of the way chanting, gongs and instruments are used for therapy sessions. The idea is to create an environment that enables us to create a deeper connection with ourselves.

How to use sound therapy at home.

One of the things that I noticed about Alessandra’s therapies is how they are a little antithetical to our Western cultural norms. Whereas we celebrate proactive action and industry and ceaseless activity, it can go against the grain to sit back and do nothing; to passively receive positivity. However, we are now learning to change this mindset and in recent times more and more people have become open to sound therapy and other complementary treatments.
So, I asked Alessandra how people can get the advantage of sound healing at home, because obviously not everyone can experience her therapy sessions in person. She explained some simple humming techniques that can have a positive impact on the system. This to me, made a lot of sense because humming is something that has been recommended to me by experts on my previous podcasts as well. This is similar to the work of John Beaulieu and the tuning forks that he uses as part of his sound therapies.
Don’t miss this episode with Alessandra Montana. To experience the sound bath, listen to the first segment of my interview with her.
Adiel Gorel

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