How To Recharge Your Sexual Energy And Life Force – Kim Anami Explains

Adiel Gorel

Why We Are Sexually Repressed And What To Do About It

Does each person have to be relegated to the same sort of action between the sheets for one’s whole life? If it has been sort of ho-hum between a couple so far, is it destined to remain so? What is sexual charisma? What is it that one needs to do to start enjoying that mind-blowing, toe-curling, life altering sex? Is that even possible? These are some of the questions that Kim Anami and I frankly and directly ask and answer in a recent episode of The Adiel Gorel Show. This is a little different in the sort of subject matter I usually deal with in my health podcasts, but it is similar in terms of the all-natural, holistic approach of it all.

Are we a repressed society?

There is so much sexual dysfunction in the general population. So many people have an unhealthy attitude to sex – there are feelings of shame, fear, and guilt around something that is as beautiful and natural as breathing. It is, as Kim puts it, the life force energy that actually creates new life. And yet it is all shrouded in secrecy and repression. As a society there is so much that we censor when it comes to sex. The messaging around it is distorted. This is probably why we see so much dysfunction, and unhealthy attitudes to sex all around.
Kim points out how many other societies including some European ones are more open about intimacy and about embracing their sexuality. They are more open to talking about and exploring this vital aspect of life. Kim speaks of the concept of intimacy and how simply the act of holding hands can be so intimate. Two people can be deeply and lovingly intimate with an arm around the other, a caress, a gentle kiss – intimacy that needs no privacy and can be expressed anywhere! Kim spoke to me about Taoist Master Mantak Chia who said he could make love to his partner while she was on the other side of the room from him, and she said – I want that!

What is charisma?

“It is just a kind of sexual energy, isn’t it?” – I ask Kim during our conversation, and she agrees with me. Consider how some people just seem to have this raw magnetism regardless of what they are doing or what they are wearing. They could be dressed in sweats and be doing the most mundane of things but the eyes are drawn to them, people are drawn to them. This is because charismatic individuals truly inhabit their sexual energy; they wear it and allow themselves to be enlivened by it. This makes them more attractive and radiant. Kim has found that the sexual practices she teaches enable her students to achieve this sort of effortless magnetism.
Kim has made it her life’s mission to break the taboos that surround sex and to help people reach the pinnacle of their sexuality. To do this, she rejects allopathic western approaches, and uses natural, traditional methods. For instance, in Chinese traditions, men are advised not to ejaculate too frequently. And Kim even speaks about male orgasm without ejaculation!
In the interview Kim speaks about how a book like 50 Shades of Grey has created something of a revolution in the way that it has awakened libidos. We also discuss the various types of orgasm, the importance of breathing techniques such as the Wim Hof method, and more. Don’t miss my chat with Kim – watch it here or listen here.
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