How to Tune Your Body With Sound Healing – Dr. John Beaulieu Explains

Adiel Gorel
Sound healer and naturopathic doctor Dr. John Beaulieu has conducted fascinating research into anechoic chambers – rooms that completely absorb reflections of sound. He would spend hours inside these chambers listening to the sounds of his body. This is what helped him understand how sound impacts the body, mind, health and wellness, which helped him devise specific sound healing strategies. He shared his research with us recently.

How sound impacts us.

During our highly illuminating chat together Dr. Beaulieu told me about the time when he had an argument with someone on the New York subway, after which he got into the anechoic chamber. It was amazing to him how, even inside a space of sensory deprivation, he could hear sounds rather like grinding, a sort of screaming in the head. This is what demonstrated to him the sort of internal noise we experience, the many ways stress negatively impacts us. “Imagine how many people are walking around New York angry,” he said, and this really made me think.
There is no doubt that what we hear impacts us physically as well as mentally. Dr. Beaulieu realized that since sound can have all of these specific impacts upon us, it can also be used for therapeutic purposes. In the course of his phenomenological research he found that specific sounds – for instance certain musical instruments – had very particular impacts upon the mind and body.  He took a deep dive into the subject and found how the practice of yoga and meditation can come together with sound therapy to produce remarkable results.

Though Dr. Beaulieu had no musical training, he had an intuitive insight into how the vibrations produced by musical instruments could impact the body and mind. At a music store in Washington Square he tapped some tuning forks and held them up to his ear, then held them to his knee. He felt a wave come over him and realized that this was a healing technique that he needed to work on. He tells me how tuning forks can potentially contain over 120 different sounds! When these hit the skin, they stimulate the mechanical receptors to produce positive impacts.
We are all now realizing the importance of nitric oxide and Dr. Beaulieu explains how different types of tuning forks can impact the production of this molecule in the body too. His website has many free resources, digital downloads, as well as products such as tuning forks, crystal gem feet, books and audio CDs. For those who want to take charge of wellness in positive, life affirming ways is a great place to visit.
In the course of our long chat, Dr. Beaulieu also explains the significance of the vagus nerve in the body and how when it is out of tune, arrhythmia, headaches, epilepsy, digestion issues could occur. Check out the fascinating conversation I had with Dr. John Beaulieu, about sound healing, meditation and so much more.
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Adiel Gorel

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