How to Use Sauna Safely, Avoid EMF Radiation, and Other Environmental Toxins

Adiel Gorel
Environmental Medicine Helps Fill Lacunae Left By Western Medicine
Do you worry about the possible health impacts of being surrounded by electrical and electronic gadgets constantly? Do you wonder how we can safely and effectively detox the body without complicated and expensive interventions? Carrying forward a truly fascinating conversation with Dr. Shanhong Lu, in part two of my interview, we spoke about a lot of things close to my heart. We spoke about safe methods to detox, the right type of sauna to use, ways to avoid EMF radiation, and a whole lot more.

Pros and cons of sauna.

I have been speaking about the importance of using sauna as a method of detoxing for years now. The fact is that we all live in climate controlled environments. We no longer sweat and naturally detox the way we were designed to. Sauna, I feel, is a good way to do this – and interestingly, Dr. Lu agrees with me. She points to the fact that in some Scandinavian regions, the sauna is a standard feature in many homes. She also told me how using the sauna every day is linked to significant cardiovascular benefits, and protection against stroke, hypertension and so on.
Dr. Lu, however, points out that there could be certain drawbacks of commercial saunas such as in a gym. These are shared spaces without adequate ventilation that could actually cause certain diseases. She also points out that for environmentally sick people, saunas can be dangerous to the detox system. So it is actually interesting that Dr. Lu recommends the use of portable or home sauna systems that use infrared. She also suggests a brand of infrared sauna during our conversation that I truly recommend my readers should check out.

Electromagnetic fields or EMF radiation.

Another thing that Dr. Lu and I spoke about is EMF radiation. With all the gadgets we are surrounded by, we are constantly bombarded by radio, electrical, electromagnetic waves that surround us. This is actually a significant environmental toxin that we should all be looking closely at. To limit exposure, Dr. Lu suggests that we opt for fiber optic cables for our internet requirements rather than 5G, which she believes may not be safe.
We also spoke about how switching off Wi-Fi at night and switching the phone to airplane mode when possible may be a good idea to limit our exposure to radiation. Dr. Lu spoke about an interesting study that examined the impact of cellphones on sperm cell activity. Apparently all the guys carrying phones around in their pockets aren’t doing themselves any favors! Dr. Lu tells me that the reason EMF can damage the body is because of the way it increases oxidative stress. She suggests ways to decrease the cellular damage radiation causes, including some nutritional supplements, and other ways to manage our toxic environments.
I truly think that Dr. Lu is on to something big when she points out how western medicine doesn’t try to prevent disease by identifying the root cause. Because of this, we are not focusing enough on the environmental toxins around us. This is precisely what Dr. Lu addresses via environmental medicine. Check out my interview with Dr. Shanhong Lu right now – you may be doing your health a big favor!
Adiel Gorel

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