How Western Medicine Is Discovering Natural Self-Healing Secrets

Adiel Gorel
Learning How To Self-Heal – Naturally, Safely and Effectively
I think a lot of people now agree that there is a whole vast world of healing that is still to be discovered and fully understood. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that there is much about the body’s healing systems that we simply don’t know yet. We still don’t have the definitive antiviral. When we use steroids, this is weakening our immunity and leading to dreaded fungal infections. The virus is causing bone death, brain fog, and in some cases even permanent disabilities! Clearly popping a pill is not the solution. So what is? Watch this to know.

Virtuous cycle of energy.

There is a lot that mainstream therapies don’t yet know. However, researchers are getting close to understanding the inner workings of the body better now. For instance, we now know about senescent cells and the way they help in getting rid of cell waste. With help of research done by experts such as Dr. John Sottery we are uncovering the mechanics of aging and the involvement of senescent cells in this process, as I was discussing with my good friend and fellow health seeker Chad Lefevre just the other day. And we discussed more about oxidation in the body. You can listen to the podcast here.
In the course of my learning about the inner workings of the human body, I have come to understand that energy begets energy. So we may be feeling tired, but when we exercise, we find that we feel more energetic and we can work out some more. This then helps us sleep better, which is vital for the body to rest and recuperate. Good quality sleep in turn helps us feel more energetic and productive the next day so we can work out again! This exercise-sleep-energy cycle is a virtuous cycle. It is going to be crucial for us to understand as so many of us return to our regular outdoor and other activities after COVID.

Natural self-healing techniques we are only now discovering.

My friend Chad is convinced that vibration is the future of medicine and I tend to agree. My recent interaction with Dr. John Beaulieu has made me realize that the power of the sound is yet another untapped healing modality. Dr. Beaulieu is well known for his work in this area, and has created the BioSonic Repatterning healing system. His technique of using specific vibrating tuning forks on acupressure points to bring about healing are garnering a lot of attention. I myself have been using his methods to great effect. Just a minute of using the tuning fork before bed helps to calm and center the nervous system.
It isn’t just Dr. Beaulieu who has been talking about the use of anechoic chambers to create specific impacts on the body with the help of sensory deprivation. For instance, sensory overload such as going to a loud dance club can have very particular impacts on the nervous system. Similarly anechoic chambers – which many elite athletes are known to use – can also have some very precise impacts.
I have found that alternative therapies have found solutions for a chronic dry mouth problem I had. This, when the doctors had thrown up their hands and said there was nothing they could do, that this would resolve on its own. Another amazing chat that I had was with functional medicine psychiatrist Dr. Kat Toups who reversed her own dementia. 
Don’t miss my chat with Chad where we broke down my recent interviews with experts into easily digestible nuggets just for you! Watch it here.
Adiel Gorel

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