Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Breathing: Making a Habit of These

Adiel Gorel
There is so much that the health industry is not telling us. There are so many products that are unregulated, and which are produced purely for the profit motive. I’m all for the profit motive, but I am also for the free and fair disclosure of information that helps us live our best life without spending a small fortune. Concepts such as autophagy, nasal breathing, controlled hypoxia and senescent cells should be common knowledge – but they are not! Shouldn’t we have access to all the information so we can concentrate on improving our healthspan rather than just our lifespan? I think we should!

Why you should choose a healthier life, and how.

Do you know we could be popping the wrong multivitamins in the wrong combinations simply because there is no way to make the most informed choices? The nutritional supplement industry is unregulated and manufacturers simply don’t give us enough information to get the most out of our supplements! Did you know that we may be missing a vital clue to healthy living simply because we were never taught to breathe the right way? I have been able to resolve my snoring issues by using one simple hack that prevents mouth breathing. Over time I have also found that making the effort to consciously breathe through the nose has had tremendously positive health impacts.
Did you know, about half of the population could have a certain mutation that prevents us from sweating enough to expel the toxins in our bodies? And that a sauna system – which you can have easily and affordably installed in your own home – can resolve this issue? How many of us know about autophagy and the importance of expelling toxins from the cell tissue or about senescent cells that are good for us in youth but not so much in later years? Simply knowing about these concepts and making small tweaks to our lifestyles can have big and far reaching impacts on our health.  

Health hacks you can use.

Why are we not told these things? Why is the research of doctors and scientists and researchers like Dr. John Sottery, ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown, ‘Dr. Breath’ Carl Stough not made common knowledge? These and other researchers dedicated their lives to researching the right way to breathe, the right way to eat, and the benefits of controlled hypoxia, intermittent fasting etc. Unfortunately for us, it has been more important for product manufacturers to sell us products rather than to tell us how to make simple lifestyle changes that will help enhance wellness and quality of life.
My friend and fellow seeker Chad Lefevre and I hope to bring you some vital information and simple health hacks that will transform your health without burning a hole in your pocket. We discuss the works of researchers and scientists who have transformed their own lives and tell you how you can do the same for you and your family. We will be interviewing these researchers and will pick their brains on the best life hacks for you to incorporate into your life. To put in simply, we are going to help you increase your healthspan – not just your lifespan. Watch this episode and stay tuned for many more to come.
Adiel Gorel

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