Adiel Gorel, one of the best Inspiring speakers in the United States California


If you ever look for who Adiel Gorel is, you will find plenty of amazing stories about him on the world wide web. In simple, he is a Keynote Speaker in California, investment expert in California, wellness advocate, and author. Naturally, people tend to focus on all their problems and lose their focus on developing their lives. With over three decades of meeting all kinds of negative and positive mindsets through real estate investing experience, Adiel helps his audience focus on the many opportunities to climb the ladder. He is a phenomenal speaker that commands an audience, and he got a great sense of humor. Adiel got a talent to make his listeners feel like he is talking to them individually from the stage. This is one of the many reasons why Adiel Gorel became one of the best Inspiring speakers in California of America.


You can find many talented, inspiring speakers from all over the world. But finding the best inspiring speaker with an authentic, inspirational background story is quite challenging. Once Adel was only an electrical engineering student on a scholarship program. After he graduated with a master’s degree from Stanford University, he received an engineering position at Hewlett Packard. Gorel realizes that even after ten to fifteen years of hard work, it will be hard to achieve financial security or wealth according to his dreams.


In 1987, he started a real estate investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area call ICG (International Capital Group). When he started getting more experience through a successful real estate business, Adiel began teaching people how to enjoy life while facing the most complicated situations and the importance of securing a healthy financial future for retirement, business investing, and college education. Today he became one of the most popular Inspiring speakers in California.



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