How Adiel Gorel became one of the most trusted investment experts in California?


Money can always be complicated and intimidating; it is a known fact that many people do not have a proper investment plan and may end up with an unbearable debt in their retirement ages everywhere in the world. As life expectancies go higher and higher, there will be a natural fear in people that they will outlive money. No matter how big or how little you earn, it is always important to look for an investment plan through an experienced Investment expert in California for a better future.


As Chief Executive Officer of ICG (International Capital Group) Real Estate Investments, Adiel Gorel, the Investment expert California, uncovers the possibilities of making low-risk, high-quality single-family homes for rent investments – without becoming a stressful full-time landlord. For over 30 years, Adiel Gorel has been working with people who did not have a single clue about becoming financially independent. Adiel became one of the most trusted investment experts in California. He held his clients’ hands and walked through the process to help secure a healthy financial future with real estate investments for achieving their major life goals.


Adiel has found his method of spinning single-family home investments into the most profitable investment opportunities in California. He used his investment skills to buy advantageous locations in the best markets to achieve client goals. With a step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan, Adiel Gorel shares his expert knowledge of investing in single-family home rentals. This brilliant investment expert explained the most efficient approaches that will make it possible for his followers to invest and gain profits with minimal usage of their valuable time.


Adiel worked with Hewlett Packard Laboratories after completing a master’s in electrical engineering from Stanford University. With the passion of helping people build a solid foundation through real estate, he started a real estate investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area call ICG (International Capital Group) in 1987. Adiel Gorel does lectures in the U.S. and Europe about real estate investing and has assisted many young and adult investors with the purchase of thousands of properties nationwide by using his investment expert skills.



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