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Adiel Gorel is the CEO of International Capital Group (ICG). One of his key specialties is to help busy people invest in rental single-family homes in the best metro areas in California. With the help of local property managers handling the houses and the rentals, Adiel made his investor’s dreams come true. He has mentored thousands of investors in the United States to utilize the most effective investment tools by being an outstanding keynote speaker in California. Adiel Gorel finds his keynote speaking skills to teach people how to have fun with a process they mostly find complicated. Whether it is a large or small audience, he always made sure to fulfill his duties as a remarkable keynote speaker by addressing the importance of securing a healthy financial future for retirement, business investing, and financing a college education.


If you interviewed his listeners, most of them would say Adiel Gorel is an inspirational, dynamic, and heartfelt keynote speaker in California who uses his winning sense of humor. Further, he finds a way to deliver his ideas amazingly to the audience to find value in them. Some of his followers began using the tools he teaches right away, which brought them great success in their lives afterward. Adiel Gorel finds himself more demanding worldwide and throughout the United States as a great keynote speaker in California. He shares his wisdom on various topics, including securing a robust financial future, investing in single-family homes, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, and many more.


Adiel Gorel never wanted to continue his life by just being a real estate investor. He always wanted to share his knowledge by being an extraordinary keynote speaker in California. ICG has hosted a one-day Expo each quarter, bringing professional keynote speakers and market teams from all over the country for over 25 years. One of Adiel’s outstanding achievements is that he has assisted thousands of rookie investors in becoming an expert level investor in purchasing over 10,000 properties to date through his investment firm, International Capital Group (ICG). ICG has become more like a school for many young investors in the San Francisco Bay Area to achieve their dreams.





What makes Adiel Gorel unique from other keynote speakers in California?


Adiel Gorel is an experienced keynote speaker in California who always sets his topics summarized and relates to the core theme of the event. Suppose you are looking for a great keynote speaker for your next academic conference or corporate meeting. In that case, the following facts will make it easy to differentiate Adiel from other keynotes speakers.


Confidence Building

Giving confidence to the audience is one of the most outstanding talents of Adiel as a keynote speaker. His unique approach with convincing, truthful, knowledgeable, and authentic ways in the audience’s eyes makes him more powerful. With more than three decades of experience gained by meeting different kinds of characters, Adiel knows what and when to use his wise words to the audience. Adiel never forgets to inspire, educate, and entertain his audience, making him different from other keynote speakers in California.


Personalized messages to everyone

Adiel understands that every person has a unique story because of the good or bad experiences they gained through their lifetimes. What makes Adiel the great keynote speaker from a good speaker in California is that he always finds a way to get into his listeners’ hearts. He finds his own experiences to relate with keynotes of the speech, making his audience feel like he is talking individually. Through his excellent keynote speeches, Adiel guides his listeners to find purpose and meaning in their lives. He talks about motivation, inspiration, and overcoming hard times, which helps his followers see the world from a brand-new angle. To this day, he supported many young individual investors via planning, assistance in remote home buying, and property management issues resolution.


The originality of the content

Adiel Gorel is an incredible keynote speaker in California, investment expert in California, wellness advocate, and author. He is a master when it comes to entertaining storytelling. Using his personal experience to trigger an emotional response from the audience is another keynote speaking skill of Adiel Gorel. His extraordinary gift of explaining investment strategies simple while delivering his brilliant stories makes the audience entertained, engaged, and enlightened. Adiel is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and computer engineer who graduated from Stanford University. His unique ability to connect with both the right and left brains in the audience makes his listeners happier and wiser, which only very few keynote speakers can make happen.


Great message to the society

Another excellent quality of Adiel is that he always gives an inspirational, motivational, and positive vibe to people in the community for a better world. Unlike many keynote speakers who address their audiences with only humor, Adiel makes himself unique by contributing a good deed to society. He has been featured on numerous Public Television stations across the United States with his show, “Remote Control Retirement Riches.” He has been featured on NBC, ABC, in Fortune Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, The Epoch Times, Sound of Hope Radio San Francisco, and several radio shows and podcasts. Adiel Gorel also is the author of “Invest Then Rest: How Buying Single-Family Rental Homes Can Change Your Future,” which includes numerous investor reports describing their real-life investing experiences. He has authored other books, “Remote Controlled Real Estate Riches—The Busy Person’s Guide to Real Estate Investing” and “Remote Control Retirement Riches.”



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