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Are you planning for a worry-free retirement? Send your kids to college without getting a loan? Travel the world whenever you want? Contact Adiel Gorel, the most experienced motivational speaker and real estate expert in California. He will explain how real estate can enrich one business with cash flow while bankrupting another with excessive expenses. It does not matter whether your interest is in residential, commercial, or industrial properties; Adiel Gorel can help you learn about investing, selling, marketing, law, and industry trends. He can provide customized workshops, consultations, or presentations to know what it takes for a business to succeed in the marketplace.


Adiel Gorel started a real estate investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area call ICG (International Capital Group) in 1987. ICG got the most experienced teams from the most profitable markets to present with real estate deals ready to move with updates and forecasts to his clients. In some cases, he even held one-on-one discussions on special individual interests and needs. He has mentored thousands of investors in the United States to utilize the most effective investment tools through ICG by being an outstanding motivational speaker in California. Adiel Gorel finds his unique motivational Speaking skills and real estate expert knowledge to educate people on having fun with a process they mostly find complicated.


Adiel Gorel has been recognized as one of the most valued and trusted motivational speaking personalities at the highest end of the United States real estate market. He brings his experience, tremendous positive energy, and passion alongside his outstanding character, making him a unique motivational speaker who will always win his audiences’ hearts. If you interviewed his listeners, most of them would say Adiel Gorel is an inspirational, dynamic, and heartfelt motivational speaker in California who uses his winning sense of humor.





Why would you choose Adiel Gorel as your motivational speaker and real estate expert in California?


When booking real estate motivational speakers in California for your next academic conference or corporate meeting, hiring the best in their field is quite challenging. By choosing Adiel Gorel, you can be confident that you will inspire and motivate your audience to stand out in real estate. By working with a highly experienced motivational speaker and a real estate expert, you can create an event that will be remembered even long after it is over. However, the following facts will explain why Adiel Gorel is a great motivational speaker in California and a real estate expert compared with other industry experts.


Emotional Intelligence


Adiel understands the fact that real estate is not only about marketing and selling properties. It is about people as well. Not everyone thinks the same way that others feel. Some may have short term goals, while others may have long term goals. Some people in the audience may not even realize what are their goals before attending the conference. With three decades of experience working with thousands of people, Adiel developed his skills to read people to succeed as a real estate motivational speaker. This helps the audience believe that Adiel is a unique real estate motivational speaker in California who individually addresses his audience.


An Excellent Storyteller


Commonly, every motivational speaker finds an excellent storyline to add in their speeches to give value addition to their listeners. What makes Adiel a unique real estate motivational speaker California from other good speakers is that he always finds a way to reach his listeners’ hearts. He takes his life lessons as examples, which makes the contents more realistic to the audience. Adiel always motivates his listeners to find a purpose and meaning in their lives through his great speeches. He talks about motivation, inspiration, and overcoming hard times, which helps his followers see the world from a brand-new angle. 


Knowledge and Expertise


Knowledge of Adiel is not only limited to real estate. He has a broad understanding of fitness, health, nutrition, and a healthy living style. Gorel has been studying the depth of these areas and created a Public Television Special Life 201, in which he shares knowledge and practical takeaways of eight world-class specialists. He strongly believes in educating and motivating the public and giving them the power to take positive action as his key responsibilities to the community. Adiel has been showcased on popular tv networks such as NBC and ABC. And also, in Fortune Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, and numerous radio shows showcasing his single-family home investing vision. Remote-Controlled Real Estate Riches – The Busy Person’s Guide to Real Estate Investing, Discovering Real Estate in America Capital City Wealth Builders ® Discover U ® More and Life 201: A one-stop-shop for your health, wealth & happiness are some of the most outstanding publications which he gifted to the community.


Youth Mentoring and Life Coaching


Another specialty in Adel, among other motivational speakers in California, is that he has a unique way of addressing all age groups in events. Regardless of any age, you are, he always makes sure that you will feel like he is talking to you individually. He inspires young people to lead healthy, ambitious lives, with relatively simple topics like taking school seriously, finding meaning in life, benefits of studying hard, and learning how to interact with others respectfully. Gorel has taught thousands of young investors how to secure a healthy financial future for college, business investments, and retirement since 1987.



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