Oxygen Deprivation — Can It Be Good For Us?

Adiel Gorel
Prevent Dehydration by Making This One Small Change in Life
My good friend, entrepreneur and fellow health seeker Chad Lefevre is always happy to chat about the many simple and effective but little known ways to transform health for the better. So Chad was very interested to hear about my recent interview with the world famous breath expert Patrick G. McKeown. It was a fascinating and enlightening conversation, and I strongly suggest you listen in.

Why you must ‘close your mouth’.

No, I am not being rude. This is actually the title of a bestselling book by Patrick G McKeown. In this book he explains how so many people breathe the wrong way simply because they were never taught the right way to breathe. He explains the vital importance of breathing through the nose, and the many benefits it has for health and wellness; how he resolved his own asthma using nothing but the right breathing techniques! I often wonder – why is this vital information not more widely-known amongst the population? Is it simply because it is not going to make a lot of people a lot of money? Perhaps, but I have made it my mission to find out about these lesser known health and wellness insights and to share these with my readers and listeners.
Before Patrick as well, Konstantin Buteyko dedicated his life to researching the right ways to breathe and popularized the Buteyko Breathing Method. This is a method of holding the breath, and is aimed at creating just the right and optimal amount of stress for the body. The idea is to increase CO2 levels in the body, which has beneficial impacts. This might seem counterintuitive, but you’ll realize it isn’t when you check out the episode.
I have long been a proponent of mouth taping – something else that we discuss. I have used mouth taping while sleeping to control and reduce snoring. I have also used it while hiking to force myself to breathe through the nose. It can take some effort getting used to, but again appears to have many definite benefits. Nasal breathing also helps keep us better hydrated and improves uptake of nitric oxide – a vitally important molecule for us that we are only now discovering a lot about.

Simple ways to reach health and wellness goals.

Chad and I make it our business to find and embrace some simple but vital ways to improve our health. Our aim is to find ways to improve not just the lifespan but what I like to call our healthspan – and to share these with our listeners and readers. The reason that these vital clues to good health aren’t better known is simple – people don’t stand to make a lot of money off of them.
Over the course of this and several other conversations between Chad and myself, we discuss so much that is not a part of the popular conversations around health: the efficacy and limitations of Keto diets, the use for saunas, the Wim Hof method, intermittent fasting and intermittent breathing. I am just a lifelong student of wellness and a seeker of health – I would love for my listeners and readers to join me in this journey of discovery with me now and in future. Soon I will go on to interview Pandit Dasa, also known as the Urban Monk, and other fascinating world renowned personalities to access the health nuggets they have to share.
Adiel Gorel

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