Small Changes That Make a Big Difference in Your Life and Health

Adiel Gorel

How Toxins Hide In Plain Sight and What to Do About This

Beth Greer thought of her life as healthy – until she discovered a benign but painful tumor in her chest the size of a tennis ball! This was a rude wakeup call for Beth who reexamined her life and found that it wasn’t as healthy as she thought it was. Work stress, long hours, eating out, microwaving food – hers was the busy life of a media exec, and Beth realized things needed to change. I interviewed Beth recently for The Adiel Gorel Show. Chad and I revisit Beth’s story and how she managed to get rid of her own tumor. In a recent episode we explore and discuss how the changes she made can help all of us.

Toxins hiding in plain sight.

Beth decided that she was going to change over to a clean, all-natural life and home. To do this, she systematically identified all the toxins in her life and replaced those with natural, chemical and toxin-free substitutes. This is when she discovered how we are all surrounded by toxic chemicals of all sorts. There are pesticides and other chemicals in the food we eat. There are toxic ingredients in the stuff we put on our skin and products that we clean our homes with. Just the one word ‘fragrance’ on the ingredient list could actually represent a toxic cocktail of a hundred or more chemicals!
When we speak about “organic” food, it helps to carefully read labels and to break down what exactly the term means. What they put on the label – quite legally, I may add – may be rather misleading. The term “grass-fed” for instance, may not mean what you think it means. They are allowed to use the term even for animals that are not “grass-finished” – animals that may be fed things other than grass to fatten them up in the final months of their lives. Similarly, “free-range” is another term to look at closely because labels can be and often are misleading as Chad and I discuss in this podcast.

Small changes can make a big difference.

Beth was able to shrink her own tumor – this is huge! When she went for a scan after several months of a clean, all-natural, toxin-free life, the tumor was gone! There was no chemo or radiation or surgery. Beth had managed to get rid of her tumor with the help of some lifestyle changes, period! When you think about it, there are chemicals everywhere: the carpet, paint on the walls, the glue in the moldings. Identifying and getting rid of these can result in dramatic changes.
As Chad and I discuss, it is possible for us all to change over to healthier, more natural lifestyles as well. For instance, Chad tells us that he shed about 30 lbs. during the pandemic. This was the time he was cooking and eating at home, using organic cooking mediums, barely eating out, and generally living a more natural life. Just eating clean, and portion and ingredient control makes a huge difference, he tells me.
Another hidden toxin in all our lives is EMF – the sort of radiation that all the gadgets around us emit all of the time. There is Wi-Fi, and even the possible issue of EMFs from electric vehicles is something that we have to examine.
Join us in this episode to know about simple changes you can make for a more natural and a healthier lifestyle. And stay tuned for my future podcasts – coming up is an interview with Kim Anami who is a relationship coach into Tantra and holistic sex. 
Adiel Gorel

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