What Are Superfoods, and How Effectively Do They Improve Health?

Adiel Gorel

Want to Look Younger Than Your Age? Ian Farrar Tells You How

Speaking to elite cyclist Ian Farrar, who looks far younger than his age,  I found a man who is passionate about eating right and as passionate about helping others do the same. In part one of my podcast with Ian, we speak about the way toxins build up in our bodies because of herbicides like glyphosate, GMO foods, and additives in what we eat. Ian shares how he started to look closely at the so-called American diet to find better ways to eat; ways we can all incorporate into our lifestyles to reach our true potential. In part two of my podcast with Ian, we speak about the solutions to the problems we speak of in part one.

Drinking healthy.

Water is essential for life, but not all water is the same. Ian is a big advocate of drinking high-quality water, which he calls the ‘elixir of life’. He recommends hydrating properly and staying away from any chlorinated liquid, as well as other packaged drinks with caffeine and sugar. He also recommends having plenty of green drinks – things that help us ingest a lot of chlorophyll. This is like the blood of plants and this is what will help you look younger than your age and more radiant, says Ian.  

look younger than your age

Water is just not water – it’s the elixir of life, it’s what travels through our veins. – Ian Farrar

I was interested to know more about Kombucha, which I think is a very pleasant drink so long as it is not laden with sugar. According to Ian this drink is fine to have now and then as it is alkaline-forming. However, here again, it is important to choose the better quality of this beverage. Since it became rather trendy in recent times, many questionable products can also be found in the market.

Coconut water is something else that Ian recommends. To give the body the right kind of glucose, fruit is vital as well. However, Ian reminds us to eat the fruit rather than opt for packaged fruit juices, which are notorious for containing very high amounts of added sugar.

Eating – and drinking – superfoods.

Ian speaks about consuming certain supplements and superfoods to combat the dearth of nutrients in what we eat. Much of what we eat is stripped of nutrients and as such we are not getting the kind of nourishment that our body needs. One of the things that Ian recommends is something called Tart Cherry, which is also available in extract form. A superfood that Ian recommends is Chlorella, which is easily available in health food stores and which helps chelate heavy metals and other toxins to detox the body. Spirulina is something else he recommends, calling it the multivitamin green food.

Rather than the usual form of juicing, Ian recommends cold-pressing fruit and vegetables. He uses something called the Slow Auger Juicer or press. This expresses the juice while keeping fiber and nutrients intact, while also maintaining the integrity of the whole food. Ian speaks about substances like humic acid and fluvic acid that can help restore and replenish the gut microbiome to healthy levels.

There is also the bounty of the sea to tap into, according to Ian, if you wish to look younger than your age. He has a plant-based diet (with some ghee or clarified butter, which Ayurveda recommends) that also includes Hijiki seaweed, plankton, and so on. We also discuss the limitations of buying ‘organic’, the difference between grass-fed and grass-finished meat, non-animal protein sources, ways to eat healthy even when eating out or when traveling, and more in this episode of my podcast.

Ian told me that he is happy to help anyone who may be interested in knowing more about his insights into healthy eating to look younger than your age. He is happy to advise people free of charge, so if you would like to know more or get advice from Ian, you can write to me at gorel@icgre.com

Adiel Gorel

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