What Is Gourmet Sex? Holistic Sex & Relationship Coach Kim Anami Answers

Adiel Gorel
Intimate Objects To Help On Your Sexual Journey
There is a video on YouTube called Vagina Weightlifting Can Empower Women which has over 5 million views. It features Kim Amani lifting weights with her – wait for it – vagina! She is truly an amazing woman, as I found during my conversation with her. We spoke about ways in which anyone can enhance and improve their sex life. We discuss how male and female sexuality is different, but the same as well. We also spoke about how both men and women have a G spot that can be stimulated by penetration! It was a truly enlightening and enriching conversation and I urge you to listen!

Nami Alchemia and Vaginal Kung Fu.

So how is Kim lifting weights with her vagina? Well this is something that she calls Vaginal Kung Fu. This is a program that she has devised for women to strengthen their muscles in the vaginal area not just to improve sex, but also to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and eliminate stress incontinence. For this, Kim uses a jade egg that has a weight suspended from it and then it is inserted into the vagina.
It isn’t just the jade egg (Nami Signature Yoni Egg Kit). Kim has other intimate objects that she says can truly elevate and enrich the sexual lives of people. There are couture dildos, body oils, sex nectar herbal tinctures, crystal elixirs, Shiva wands and more. She says that it is possible for women to achieve all sorts of orgasms: cervical, G-Spot, ejaculatory, multiple and more. She teaches the benefits of gourmet sex versus junk food sex. She connects with people all over the world via her online holistic sex & relationship classes and intimacy retreats in Bali and Mexico.

Holistic sex and how it impacts other areas of life.

As a holistic sex and relationship coach, Kim invites her students to ‘change the energy of their whole life’ with her courses. Changing the way people have sex helps propels them into a higher realm of sensuality, energy and sense of being alive. This is the way for couples to improve their relationships – by learning how to be more intimate, more connected to each other. This, she finds, leads to improvement in other areas of life such as creativity, parenting, financial ability and other relationships in life as well.
Another aspect of sexuality that Kim speaks about is menopause and how it has become common for women to use artificial hormones as they step into this stage of life. She speaks about menopausal women as the ‘cash cow’ for western medicine, because menopause is treated like some flaw or disease that needs ‘curing’. She explains how the messaging around this unfortunately is so negative and how there is so much fear mongering around this perfectly natural process. Kim says that by changing the mindset, women would find that menopause – which she refers to as a spiritual portal – has no noticeable impact; that women can be just as sexually vital!
Kim Anami is one of those people who force you to look at sex through a frank new lens and I found my conversation with her to be refreshingly stimulating and enlightening. I would certainly urge you to watch the video or listen to the podcast.
Adiel Gorel

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