Why and How Natural, Slow Living Will Increase Your Healthspan

Adiel Gorel
How Preventive Medicine and Slow Living Are Mantras of the Future
Are you someone who uses mouthwash regularly – because you know how some mouthwash company told us halitosis (bad breath) was a medical condition that needed a ‘cure’? Do you also avoid cured meats because they’ve been warning us for years that these are terrible for us? Well, it turns out that we may have been misled in both these cases, as Dr. Nathan Bryan and I spoke about in a recent interview. Chad and I discuss and make sense of this, amino acids, ways to eat more veggies, the importance of chewing, ways to increase nitric oxide and more in this episode of The Adiel Gorel Show.

Why we need to be vigilant and verify.

So why have we been getting messages about cured meats and mouthwash that may not be strictly accurate? Well, in many cases, the ‘research’ tends to be skewed in favor of those who fund it; people with financial interests in the outcome of a study. So if researchers told people that bad breath is a medical condition and that mouthwash helps manage it effectively, people will buy that mouthwash.
If studies tell us that there is a correlation between eating cured meats that contain nitrates and cancer, of course we will try to avoid them and opt for maybe more expensive produce? We have to verify if all cured meats are to be tarred with the same brush and are equally harmful. After all, nitrates are naturally occurring in many green leafy veggies, and humans have been curing meat to increase shelf-life for ages now.

Lifestyle changes we can all make to become healthier.

Did you know a majority of the population has a latent herpes infection? This can become activated depending upon certain amino acids in the body. Essential amino acids, such as L-Arginine and L-Lysine impact bone metabolism and growth, and can have an impact upon our immune reactions and fitness when added to the diet.
As Chad and I discuss here, our attention should be on ways to eat healthy overall rather than on strictly following dietary restrictions. For instance, in winter pass on the salads in favor of a nice warm stir fry with beets, cauliflower, and ginger and so on. Chad recommends rice bowls with plenty of added veggies and maybe a tahini topping. Juicing is another way to get more veggies in the diet. In fact I would say that some of these shakes could be one of the few ways to make some veggies taste good! You know how one clever mom added spinach to brownies to get her kids to eat healthy? We can get really creative with it all!
One of the important changes we can make to our daily life is the way we eat, not just what we eat. Slower, deliberate, mindful chewing can help the body produce more nitric oxide and digest food more effectively. In fact, slowing down generally in life is something we should all be aiming for. A life where we aren’t obsessed with goals, deadlines and targets is what the Slow Living movement now recommends. Join my friend Chad and I, as we discuss all of this, meditating and billionaires and more!
Adiel Gorel

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