Life 201 With Adiel Gorel


1.) Program DVD
Life 201 with Adiel Gorel core program.
2.) Life 201 Hardcover Book
This hardcover book is over 300 pages. It features more advice from the 8 experts featured in the show. The three Pillars of Life (FUEL, FEEL and FUND) experts guide you step by step through the process of  becoming  healthier, enjoy life to the fullest and living longer. Each of these expert has helped thousands of people just like you change their life. It’s never too late. You can start TODAY!
3.) Life 201 Quick Start Guides
Everyone is busy and they want information fast. That is why the Life 201 Quick Start Guides were created. It helps you get a “jump-start” into the information from the Life 201 Book. Each booklet has two experts and is organized as follows:
Booklet 1 (Fuel 1)
In this booklet you get a jumpstart in to the information from Dr. Lu and Beth Greer. They give you the “one-two punch” about how to identify the toxins that impede our health and how we can get rid of them. Doing this can have a profound effect on our physical and mental well-being. This booklet contains a quiz on your exposure to toxins.
Booklet 2 (Fuel 2)
In the Fuel 2 booklet Dr. Toups will give you some tips on ways to change your lifestyle to help stave on dementia. You will also learn from Dr. John Sottery about some common mistakes people make when they are picking a supplement. This booklet contains a quiz on your brain health.
Booklet 3 (Feel)
The Life 201 Feel booklet gives you tips and trips for Yoga and NeuroMovement®. First, Lesley Fightmaster gives you some quick and easy ways to gently maximize your flexibility with yoga. Then you will learn some tips about how to change harmful habitual ways of movement to create better mobility from expert Anat Baniel. This booklet contains a quiz about the quality of your movement.
Booklet 4 (Fund)
In booklet 4 you will get some financial tips from Lucian Ioja and Adiel Gorel to get your FUND pillar in great shape. First, Lucian will give you some practical financial planning tips which can make a difference in your life. Plus, Adiel Gorel shows you how simple it is to harness the power of single-family homes in your investment profile. This booklet contains a quiz of your readiness to start investing.
4.) Life 201 DVD Collection
In this 4 DVD collection Adiel Interviews each experts and covers some FAQ’s. Then each expert gives you great information, and more tips and tricks in their field of expertise to help you live a Life 201 life.
DVD One (Fuel 1)
Adiel does a one-on-one interview with Dr. Lu and Beth Greer and asks some FAQ’s about environmental and home toxins. This DVD also includes further video information from Dr. Lu and Beth Greer that will help you get rid of toxins in your home and environment so you can live a healthier life.
DVD Two (Fuel 2)
Adiel interviews Dr. Kat Toups and Dr. John Sottery about Dementia, Chronic Diseases, supplementation errors and how to correct them. In addition, this DVD contains further information from Dr. Toups on Decoding Dementia. As well as crucial supplement information from Dr. John Sottery .
DVD Three (Feel)
Everyone knows that they need to get up and move. In DVD 3 you will see how easy that can be with Lesley Fightmaster and Anat Baniel. Lesley will give you easy to follow moves that will help your flexibility and improve your health. Anat will show you how to incorporate her NeuroMovement® techniques into your daily life to potentially ease pain and improve movement. Also, Adiel Gorel does one-on-one interviews with Lesley and Anat to dig into their information and ask the questions you want answered.
DVD Four (Fund)
Are you ready for retirement? Do you have the right investments? DVD Four can help you get all of your financials in tip top shape. First, Adiel has a one-on-one interview with Lucian Ioja and gets to the heart of planning for your future. Then Lucian shares some examples of people just like you and how he was able to help them get on the right financial path. Then you are able to view the video course materials from Adiel. This course material is a great compliment to his chapter in the book about investing in single-family homes so you can improve your retirement and send your kids or grandkids to college.
5.) Life 201 Exercise Band
To help you get up and moving you also get an exercise band. This band is a great first step in getting up and active. You can even use the band from the comfort of your home or  take it with you on vacation.
6.) Remote Control Retirement Riches Program DVD (BONUS)
Remote Control Retirement Riches with Adiel Gorel core program. In this DVD you get to see the entire Public Television show by Adiel, and understand how and why single family home investments can vastly improve your financial future., and how simple it is to do.