How to Get Along With Everyone – The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

Adiel Gorel

Do You Know Your Personality Type? Why This Is Important for Your Relationships.

How to get along with everyone? Why do we get along like a house on fire with some people but just don’t want to be around others? Why do we have such high divorce rates? Why do Americans file 40 million lawsuits each year? In other words, why can’t we just get along?! 

Dr. Vicki Matthews is dedicated to guiding others on how to have a healthy, happy relationship. She is a naturopath, writer, speaker, and relationship coach. She helps people create better interpersonal understanding so they can have more fulfilling and harmonious relationships. Simply put, she teaches us how to get along with everyone. I am delighted to have her on The Adiel Gorel Show again in a brand new episode.

Understanding the dynamics of a relationship.

how to get along with everyone

Understanding your own elemental personality, whether you’re a Wood, Fire, Water, Earth or Metal personality, will help you create the best relationships of your life. – Dr. Vicki Matthews

According to Chinese medicine, we are all one or other elemental personality type – Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, or Metal. Each of us has one or the other dominant element within us. We do have all of the other elements to a lesser or larger extent as well; just that one or two elements will be dominant. This tends to impact the dynamics of our relationships with those around us: a partner, child, sibling, colleague at work, employee, and so on.

Yes, this is the science behind a happy relationship.

The dynamic of each relationship is determined by the dominant element of each person in the relationship. According to the five-element model of personalities, each element is associated with certain character traits. The Earth element makes a person nurturing and loving. They are all about caring for family and pets and feeding people. A Wood personality is outgoing and values accomplishments. A Fire personality is outgoing in a different way – they are fun, energetic, and gregarious. Water personalities are calm, philosophical, deep thinkers and may enjoy solitary pursuits more than crowds and group activities. Metal personalities tend to be intellectual.

Relationship coaching on how to get along with everyone.

Some elements obviously work better with other specific elements. This is not to say that one necessarily has to be at odds with people whose personalities do not match. Dr. Matthews helps couples and individuals understand how to have a healthy, happy relationship. She shows them how to build on the commonalities and work through the pain points. She speaks more about this in her book, The Five Elements of Relationships: How to Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace. She is also the author of the award-winning book The Goddess Letters.

Dr. Matthews has a useful personality quiz on her website that helps people identify their personality types so they can learn how to get along with everyone. She examines the aspects of personality that cause friction and aspects that can help make the relationship more harmonious. She explains the science behind a happy relationship. She speaks about the meridians and energy systems in Chinese medicine and how these impact our physical and nonphysical selves. She helps a ‘Wood’ relate better to a ‘Fire’, or a ‘Water’ gel better with a ‘Metal’, for instance. She also helps people manage and resolve their emotional issues by helping them understand their elemental personalities.

Dr. Vicki Matthews is also a naturopath who is well-versed in the Chinese system of medicine. Typically, to find out more about a physical ailment, she would explore a person’s lung meridian, kidney meridian, stomach meridian, and so on. To know more about her work and relationship coaching and to learn how to get along with everyone, check out this episode of my podcast


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