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Some Facts About Liver Cancer Diagnosis You Should Know – But Probably Don’t


I have been talking with artist and pathologist Dr. Mohammad Kamal about cancer diagnosis and treating cancer. Apart from creating unique pieces of art from cell samples, he is deeply committed to the cause of early detection of cancer. He has been making efforts to put testing protocols in place for the same. His unique idea is to involve dental health professionals in the process of cancer diagnosis, as he describes in the first part of my podcast with him. He speaks about liver disease, its risk factors, and his mantras for cancer prevention in the second part of my conversation with him on The Adiel Gorel Show.

The main culprits in liver disease.

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The liver is one of the most abused organs in the body. We must learn to be kind to our liver. – Adiel Gorel

Dr. Kamal has been working in the area of liver disease and liver cancer diagnosis for a long time. He has a deep insight into how mistreated this organ often is. Since the liver is such a large and vital organ of the body, I wanted to know from Dr. Kamal how we can start to be kinder to it. There are avoidable and unavoidable causes or risk factors that result in liver damage and disease, he says. While we cannot control aspects such as genetics, we can control our lifestyles, our habits, and our chemical exposures.

Alcohol overuse is one of the main causes of cirrhosis of the liver, says Dr. Kamal. In fact, in his view, the medical community is not doing enough to inform the public of the very real dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol use is a serious risk factor in liver cancer, and early cancer diagnosis is key to successful treatment outcomes. Another reason the liver comes in for a lot of punishment is our diet, particularly the high-fat and low-fiber diet that so many Americans have. People need to educate themselves about good versus bad fats. They need to eat a diet that is low in processed foods and high in fruit and vegetables to protect the liver.

Further, there is an overuse of medicines that also contributes to liver disease. Dr. Kamal points out that there is something called oncocytic change that is known to be caused by certain medications. These medicines damage the mitochondria of the cells, making them ineffective. When this continues over a longer period, it can cause significant damage to the liver.

No, cancer is not acceptable!

Dr. Kamal also works in uropathology and comes across a lot of cases of prostate cancer. What he finds amazing is the sort of easy acceptance of this disease in a lot of people. It is almost as if people expect that prostate cancer is going to occur after a certain age. Dr. Kamal rejects this idea and stresses that it isn’t as if the human body has a faulty design that would render cancer inevitable. He again stresses the importance of early cancer diagnosis of common cancers like prostate and breast cancer to save lives. He suggests that people should be mindful of genetic predispositions to breast cancer and that they should perform self-exams regularly.

I have a lot of questions for Dr. Kamal. For instance, whether all the radio waves that surround us – the 3, 4, and 5G, Wi-Fi, all the various frequency waves – have any impact on us. Could all of this exposure be putting us more at risk? Dr. Kamal does not rule out the possibility. He certainly feels that our technology-driven modern lives have changed our behaviors and shortened our attention spans.

We speak more about the transmission of HPV and the behaviors associated with this. Dr. Kamal speaks about his healthy lifestyle, which includes meditation, a good night’s sleep, and competitive croquet. Effectively handling stress and eating yogurt are other ways he keeps healthy. To know more about Dr. Mohammad Kamal’s work and ways you can avoid cancer or get a timely cancer diagnosis, tune in to my podcast

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