Can Science & Spirituality Coexist and Complement Each Other?

Adiel Gorel

Scientific Meditation Techniques of Synchronizing Inwards – With Rami Guissin

A good friend of mine, Shula, recently spoke glowingly about her experience of scientific meditation techniques with Rami Guissin. Aspects of the human experience, such as spirituality and alternative healing systems, have always interested me (and the main reason for my podcast, The Adiel Gorel Show). Needless to say, this caught my attention. I feel fortunate to have the chance to speak to Rami about his unique meditation processes and hear his story, which he generously shares on this episode of my podcast.

The spiritual scientist’s scientific meditation techniques.

Rami has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He has also done some of his education in New York City. After returning to Israel, he has worked with electro-optics, imaging and machine vision industries, AI, machine learning, and algorithms… very much a science guy.
However, some twenty years ago, he decided to try a yoga class partly out of curiosity, partly for introspection and self-development. He came back for the next class and pretty much stayed on. Rami also became certified and started to teach Iyengar yoga, which he has been doing for 17 years.
Some years back, a femur joint issue and difficulties conducting yoga classes over Zoom caused him to revisit the practice of yoga and pranayama. He became interested in the philosophy of yoga and the eight stages of yogic development that the sage Patanjali had written about so long ago. He speaks of how while the first five stages are widely taught and practiced, the remaining three stages are considered more advanced and difficult. Dharana, or concentration, Dhyana or meditation; and Samadhi, which is achieving oneness or deep awareness of all that surrounds us, is what Rami became very interested in.
This led to Rami developing scientific meditation techniques and systems exploring these stages of yoga – what he calls Sync In or Synchronizing Inwards. This is the meditation system that my friend Shula is so impressed with. There is also a book in the works, as Rami tells me.

The synchronicity in yoga.

There is synchronicity in science, engineering, physics… the cosmos is synchronized. I found yoga to be very synchronous as well. – Rami Guissin

As someone who is trained as an engineer, I was able to relate to what Rami says: all around us, there is synchronicity. In science and engineering, we see how processes and elements are in sync. The very cosmos is synchronous. Rami found that yoga is similarly synchronous. The movements and the breathing techniques are all very synchronous. Our emotions also need to be aligned, and the fluctuations of the mind also have to be controlled through scientific meditation techniques in order for us to maintain emotional equilibrium.

The aim is to bring our breath into sync with the body and the mind as well. When all three are in sync, this helps activate us in ways that help us remain active and focused. They have a beneficial impact on our mental and physical state, says Rami. Since my friend Shula spoke about her experiences with Rami, I have been curious to experience some of his scientific meditation techniques, which Rami generously shares on my podcast.
Rami speaks about techniques that involve not just body movements but also mental activities that help calm the mind and help us sleep better. He demonstrates some of the methods he uses on my podcast as well – just another reason not to miss this episode of The Adiel Gorel Show.
Adiel Gorel

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