Demystifying The Healing Power of Sound and Vibrations

Adiel Gorel
Not Just Your Ears, But Even Your Skin and Soul Absorb Sound
Ever wonder how scientists have an ingrained bias towards measuring and proving. If they can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist for them, or at least they’ll refuse to make any claims about it. They call it an “Unknown.” Since we’ve been able to measure the impact of sound and vibration on the human body and mind only in the last century or so, it’s not surprising that modern science is only now acknowledging this healing modality. But the truth is, even if they couldn’t measure it earlier, it has always existed. I recently had a chat with my friend Chad Lefevre about this very interesting topic.

The future of medicine and treatments.

Doctors in modern medicine have always taken time to catch up with the natural universe. I truly believe that medicine in the 23rd century will be all about electromagnetic waves and frequencies, because by then, we’ll be able to measure, hear, and “see” them. Imagine going to a doctor for a physical, and apart from blood tests and scans, you get an entire frequency profile. That’s going to be the future of medicine – not pharmaceuticals. People will move towards natural healing in a really big way. And it’s the best kind of healing there is.
The one thing that struck me most about sound healing when I recently spoke with Alessandra Montana, a sound therapist and yoga teacher, was how simple it all is. It’s been practiced across cultures since centuries. Whether Gregorian chants, or Indian hymns, people have always used sounds to make them feel better. It’s a solution that’s doable and inexpensive. You can hum for free. You can get a tuning fork for a small amount of money. Even singing bowls and bells are a small one-time investment. It might seem too exotic, but you have to admit, listening to the sounds of singing bowls does feel wonderful. 

The kinds of music and their impact.

According to Alessandra, there’s a clear distinction between live music, analog music on a record player, and digital music. With live music, you get to experience it directly. On an analog record, you get the entire spectrum of sound. With digital music, you only get snippets. It’s a difference that your ears probably cannot discern, but something deeper in your system can. I like to think of it as eating natural foods vs. eating processed and packaged food. Your tongue probably cannot feel the difference in the goodness, but deep within, your body surely can. 
There’s much more to learn about healing through sound and vibrations in this week’s enlightening episode. Don’t miss it. 
Adiel Gorel

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