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Adiel Gorel
How to Put Your Body’s Natural Pain Relievers to Work for You
They say sitting is the new smoking – simply because the human body wasn’t designed to spend 8 to 10 hours of each day sitting still in one place. So many of the chronic diseases and aches and pains we experience today can be traced back to this predominantly sitting lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural, effective, safe and non-medicinal way to counter some of the ill effects of this ‘modern’ lifestyle?
Well, sound therapists and natural healers Jonathan and Andi Goldman have something for us. They have based their therapies off of traditional healing systems used by Tibetan monks, as well as their own research over the past decades. I had a fascinating conversation with this couple recently, which I think will offer a great deal of insight for anyone who wants to enhance wellness naturally.

What ancient healing systems say about humming.

Jonathan tells me about his Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up video that has millions of views. It has helped countless people worldwide. Jonathan tells me about the mid-80s when he recorded the humming and chanting of Tibetan monks in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This was the first time these sounds had been recorded and this is when Jonathan realized that these sounds had incredible healing and calming powers. He has spent decades researching and developing humming techniques and tools that have helped so many all over the world.
It is possible to hum in a way that targets specific parts of the body, which helps to manage and reduce back pain, spinal ailments and so on. Andi advises that those who start humming should follow certain techniques while still staying within their comfort zone. This can make a person feel really just blissed out, peaceful and tranquil – which probably explains why so many of those monks just don’t look their age! It is a sort of altered state that one can reach – so Jonathan and Andi advise us against using these techniques while driving!

Impact of humming on sleep and pain.

During my conversation with Jonathan and Andi, we also discuss how all those years ago at Woodstock, Swami Satchidananda Saraswati got the whole audience into a meditative state. Today, breathing yogic techniques such as Bhramari Pranayama are very widely practiced because the world has caught on to the efficacy of these simple but hugely effective techniques to improve wellness, and reduce pain and chronic conditions.
Humming not only helps to soothe, quiet and relax the mind, but it also increases the production of Melatonin, which regulates sleep. Jonathan shares how he can put these techniques into practice while engaged in something as mundane as doing the dishes! Andi tells me that she can get rid of a headache using this simple tool. It is possible to play around with the pitch and get it to move around to get the best out of these natural pain-relieving and sleep improvement techniques.
I strongly urge you to tune in to this episode where we discuss these simple and effective healing techniques. More people should know about and practice these methods to build health and wellness, and to keep disease at bay!
Adiel Gorel

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