How Can You Heal At the Cellular Level and Prevent Cancer

Adiel Gorel
What Are Senescent Cells And Autophagy? In Discussion with Dr. John Sottery

One of the reasons I love doing my health based podcasts is that I get to learn so much from some of the most out-of-the-box thinkers who are my guests on the show. I learn things that help improve health and enrich my life just as much as the health of all my listeners out there. So I was really excited to catch up with scientist and the owner of numerous patents, Dr. John Sottery.
(He has many other claims to fame as you will hear in my podcast.) In this episode, we had an illuminating conversation about the way that senescent cells work, their connection to cancer, and about other fascinating processes like autophagy.

What is Cellular Senescence?


During our chat we spoke about molecular biology and some of the cutting edge work that is going on with regard to senescent cells and autophagy. John explained to me how cellular senescence works to literally save our lives when we are young, but how they do literally the opposite as we grow older. Cellular senescence is related to chronic disease and even cancer later in life. The cells that protect us as young people are precisely what create inflammation and a host of problems later in life. Using some simple illustrations, John explains how these cells impact the body differently when one is young, how this changes later in life, and the biological and evolutionary principle behind this.
According to John, there is a lot of research ongoing in this area at this moment. According to him, in the years to come we are going to see some amazing drugs being developed that could make a huge difference to good health and healthy aging. 

How does Autophagy impact us?


We also spoke of Autophagy, which is the process of cellular detox. It is this almost magical process that gets rid of defective mitochondria, misfolded proteins and cellular waste, and creates new, healthy material in its place. John explained how this works and how he implements it for himself in his daily life in a way that really works for him.
Check out this episode to know about these fascinating concepts, and the way that you can use this knowledge to not just live a long life but to truly improve the quality of your life. Dr. John Sottery has some fascinating insights born out of his work and his personal experiences which he generously shares with my listeners. Don’t miss it!  
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Adiel Gorel

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