How Humming Lowers Blood Pressure and Increases Nitric Oxide Production

Adiel Gorel
This All-Natural Powerful Habit Will Help Improve Health and Immunity
Have you ever wondered about how the healthcare industry is all about removing disease rather than preventing disease? Isn’t it better to prevent a bone from being broken rather than to join a fractured bone? The Adiel Gorel Show is all about the lifestyle changes and wellness habits that can help dramatically improve health outcomes over the long term. To this end I recently interviewed Jonathan Goldman, writer, musician, teacher and an authority on sound healing and his wife Andi Goldman, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in holistic counseling. Jonathan and Andi are pioneers in the field of sound therapy, harmonics and natural healing. My conversation with them was eye-opening and enriching.

Humming and nitric oxide production.

There are some very clear benefits of using the humming techniques Jonathan has developed over many decades of research. There is evidence to show that this can reduce blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. Moreover, the practice of humming can help to increase the production of nitric oxide by up to 15 times. We are only now beginning to understand the vital importance of nitric oxide for a range of bodily functions and overall wellness. For instance, nitric oxide has a positive impact on the Vagus nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body. Humming is known to improve and increase vagal tone.
Nitric oxide is also known to be a vasodilator and antiviral agent. What this means is, by incorporating humming into your daily routine, you are giving yourself the gift of a healthier circulatory system. While vasodilator medications can help with the opening up and dilation of tight or narrow blood vessels, humming helps us do this naturally. Further, nitric oxide is known to be a natural bulwark against viral infections – at no point of time in our lives has this been more important than now, as we all struggle to overcome a pandemic. People with problems such as sinusitis also experience a marked improvement with this simple and effective wellness tool.

Humming and stress reduction.

Jonathan and Andi also had some interesting tips to share with me about humming to reduce stress. So if you’re on your way to an important meeting and you’re in an elevator for a few seconds, just taking a few deep breaths, and then doing some conscious humming can be profoundly powerful, they said. It is possible to actually feel calmer and less stressed as a result of this conscious breathing exercise. Not only do you arrive for an important event calmer and more confident, you do yourself a favor by lowering the harmful impacts of stress to help your body remain healthier.
Jonathan and Andi also explained to me how they use humming to deal with common problems such as headaches, to overcome sleeplessness and improve quality of sleep. I think that if you’re one of the people who believe in preventing disease rather than curing it, this is an episode you will want to tune in to. You may also want to check out to know about the workshops, products and correspondence courses that Jonathan and Andi Goldman offer.  
Adiel Gorel

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