How to Connect the Dots Between Physical Wellness, Strength & Success

Adiel Gorel

Transform Your Body by Overcoming the Root Cause of Struggle and Pain

Transform your body naturally like Shawn T. McIntyre, a guy straight out of the cover of a fitness magazine. In fact, he is a cover model who has graced the pages of such glossies. He is the current WBFF North American Champion and also ranked high at the WBFF Worlds Competition in Las Vegas. He coaches others to achieve peak physical fitness and attain their personal goals. Though he is someone who clearly has connected the dots between physical wellness, strength, and success, this wasn’t always so. On a new episode of The Adiel Gorel Show, Shawn shares a story of overcoming personal challenges to transform your body.

Facing and overcoming serious challenges.

At the age of 38, Shawn was reeling under the impact of two divorces and very poor health. He was in such bad shape that he was bedridden in hospital. At the same time, his finances were in a terrible state, and he was broke. He was having to crash on a friend’s couch.

This was the time he realized that some massive changes had to be made. There were various medical diagnoses but no real answers about how he was going to turn his life around. He had no idea how he was going to move forward. 38 was clearly no age to give up on life. And Shawn had another reason for really wanting to turn things around for himself: his two young daughters.

transform your body

Challenges became my blessings. My life has depended not just on what happened to me but on how I responded to everything. – Shawn T. McIntyre

His kids were the initial motivation for creating sweeping changes in his life. Shawn ended up in the gym. Moving his body around helped. He felt a certain energy, but he didn’t find that he was making the kind of progress he wanted to.

To transform your body, use your mind.

Shawn describes how his mind wasn’t on his side. There was self-doubt that seemed to be holding him back. His mindset seemed to be impeding his progress. He realized that he needed to focus. He needed to examine his emotional state and the way that his past had impacted him. This was a journey of self-discovery and also a time when he was observing his environment and the biomechanics of human movement.

He delved into nutrition. He studied how what he ate affected him, his body, his energy levels,,.and his feelings. Like a detective, he studied how to transform your body. He was discovering what foods give him energy and what lay him low. He was discovering what foods help build muscle and how superfoods work.

He found that the real game changer to transform your body naturally was the mind. It was when he discovered the power of his own mind that he really started to see the difference. The gym now becomes a place where he can shut out all of his problems and stresses. It is the place where he becomes more congruent with his mind and body.

Soon, people were asking Shawn to compete as he continued to work on himself and transform his body. Shawn has come a long way from being the hardgainer who was bullied in school. He would wear two shirts just to appear bigger. He is now in the kind of physical shape that only really gifted people are able to achieve – and he has done this the all-natural way.

Shawn now coaches people in 20 countries to transform their lives and their bodies using the holistic approach of his UNSTOPPABLE program. Tune in to my podcast to hear Shawn’s story – it could be just the thing you need to inspire you to commit to your own transformation. 

Adiel Gorel

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