How to Live a Nontoxic, Natural Life

Adiel Gorel

The Story of Beth Greer’s Non-Invasive Tumor Removal

Wouldn’t it be great to just get rid of disease without surgery or medications or anything invasive? Well, Beth Greer, a guest on my show, did exactly that! She shares her fascinating story in the first part of the interview (watch it here). In the second part of the interview, we spoke about the dangers of electromagnetic fields that we live with, and how to avoid them. We also spoke about other natural healing modalities such as infrared saunas, the Lifewave patches she has used successfully, and more.

Natural healing modalities.

Beth Greer is a patient advocate, writer, speaker and more, and she used simple detox methods to get rid of her own tumor. She has helped numerous other people become disease and pain free as well. Lifewave is a natural healing modality that she has successfully used and also recommends. This is a patch, much like a Band-Aid, that helped a soccer injury from her teens that had never healed properly. The patch is made from crystals and stimulates a peptide in the body that helps produce stem cells. This is what aids the healing process. This little thing has no medication but it works by helping to repair and regenerate tissues and glands in the body.
Beth tells me how this product has been life changing for people. A friend with Multiple Sclerosis who had neuropathy in her feet experienced dramatic improvement. Another friend who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s experienced improvement in her balance and so on. In our conversation together, Beth speaks about the glutathione patch, which is something that she uses every day. This, she explains, is a great antioxidant that helps the body detoxify as well.

EMFs all around.

One of the things that a lot of the guests on my show have spoken about is EMFs and how these electric and magnetic fields are impacting us, and our health and our brains. The fact is that we are constantly surrounded by them with Wi-Fi and cellular data and so on. I think it is a matter of great concern how we are constantly living, surrounded by this sea of EMFs. Beth has some useful tips to share about reducing our exposure to these. She also has suggestions for how to reduce the negative impacts of a microwave, and the possible use of a Faraday Cage to minimize exposure.
Another interesting thing that Beth speaks about is something called dirty electricity and a device that takes care of this. She uses them at home and when she travels she carries them along – this is something called a greenwave filter that she plugs in. According to her, every electric powered gadget generates a field, and she recommends unplugging everything – even the TV, lamp etc when they are off – or using a circuit breaker. These are simple to do but effective ways to detox, she says.
Something else that is my favorite thing to talk about is portable saunas, which we also speak about in this interview. Beth also uses a portable sauna that you basically just zip yourself into. Tune in to this episode of The Adiel Gorel Show where I speak to Beth Greer – you may well find that living a cleaner, healthier life is easier than you thought! 
Adiel Gorel

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