Is A Messy Environment Blocking Your Energy and Stealing Your Wellbeing?

Adiel Gorel

Does Feng Shui Work? Absolutely, Yes!

How does Feng Shui work? Think about it. The concept of Feng Shui makes perfect sense to me. I have experienced how when I enter a messy room, the clutter always seems to block something. Such a space never seems conducive to creativity, happiness, or productivity. It seems to impede energy and saps us with vigor.

Feng Shui expert Danijela Saponjic is on my podcast to speak about exactly this. She is someone who answers the question about whether Feng Shui works. She guides people to free up and channel their energy in ways that align with their goals. She helps students, business people, and anyone who feels that they are stuck to discover their true potential and purpose in life.

An ancient tradition that is very relevant in modern times.

does feng shui work

Feng Shui strives to bring nature’s principles into our spaces and into our lives. – Danijela Saponjic

Feng Shui is said to be about 5000 years old. It is the ancient wisdom of living in harmony with nature. It is oriented towards creating living spaces that are tuned to our energy fields, or chi, as per the Chinese tradition. Danijela defines it as the science of moving through space. Does Feng Shui work in today’s day and age? In modern times, with our crowded cities and cramped interiors, this becomes more relevant than ever.

We experience blocked energy in different ways: it could be a beautiful home where the occupants just don’t feel right. They don’t feel at home because they cannot connect with their space. There could be a business person who feels stuck in their work. They don’t seem to be making progress.

Some spaces make us feel uneasy or vulnerable. For instance, I feel ill at ease if I am in a room with my back to the door. It could be some subconscious issue that makes me feel this way. How does Feng Shui work in this setting? Here, Feng Shui can help to create a space that is more in line with our subconscious need for security, says Danijela. We delve further into the personal and cultural aspects of messy versus tidy spaces. For instance, everything always seems so much more orderly in Germany, I tell her. You can check out my podcast to know more.

Feng Shui in action.

Danijela explains how Feng Shui really works. She turned to its ancient wisdom at a time when she was feeling stuck in life with no job. She decided to declutter her living spaces at this point. This moved the needle for her, she says. She found that these were useful principles that had a direct impact on our lives. Even now, as a mother of four, her house isn’t always neat and tidy. However, it is still possible to learn how Feng Shui works and apply the principles.

Danijela also shares stories about people whom she helped when they had the feeling of being stuck. She shares the story of a 70-year-old gentleman who asked for her help. She found this elderly man living in a home surrounded by paper. She explains how she helped him develop decision-making habits to clear the clutter in his home.

Danijela also shares the story of a businessperson who approached her, saying that he felt stuck in his business. Things were not going as they should. When Danijela visited his workspace, she made one very important change. She altered the direction of his desk. When she changed the direction of the desk, this resulted in some very dramatic changes.

Danijela Saponjic has a lovely analogy for life – we should look at it like a big vision board. This helps us see our lives holistically. This point of view lets us identify what is necessary and what is extraneous in our lives. To learn more about how Feng Shui works and how it applies to all our lives, catch my podcast.

Adiel Gorel

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