Look Younger Than Your Age? The Food On Your Plate Will Decide

Adiel Gorel

Beware The Toxins That Are Lurking in Plain Sight – On Your Plate!

I recently had on my podcast a guest who looks younger than his age, and happens to be an inspiration to countless people – and to me! Ian Farrar used to be a cyclist who won several medals when representing the country. He is now someone who has dedicated himself to finding out what is in the food we eat, and what we should and shouldn’t be eating. This is a guy in his mid-50s who looks at least 15 years younger, so clearly he knows what he is talking about. Luckily I got to chat with Ian for this episode of The Adiel Gorel Show.

Being a full-time cyclist and eating junk.

Ian shared how at the time when he was in competitive sport, he didn’t really care what he ate and struggled with poor digestion. Growing up in the 70s and 80s there were a lot of fast-food joints around. A lot of people around him were using performance-enhancing drugs, which he kept away from.

Soon he realized that the “foundation to health and performance was with a healthy natural lifestyle,” as he puts it, and he started to become very aware of what he put on his plate and into his body. Ian shares how, 27 years ago, he made the decision to really study how the human body works, so that he could optimize his potential with a healthy lifestyle, and figure out how to look younger than his age.

Almost 75% of our food supply contains glyphosate – a carcinogenic herbicide. This is something we need to educate ourselves about. – Ian Farrar

What glyphosate and other additives are doing to us.

Ian speaks about how about 75% of our produce contains some amount of glyphosate, which is a commonly used herbicide. While this chemical is no longer used in California, it has contaminated our production systems and resulted in toxin buildup in our bodies. This messes up our microbiome. Furthermore, there are certain additives that are ubiquitous in our foods: artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, and stimulants in beverages.

All this means that we seem to be consuming a lot of what we don’t need; which could actually be harmful to us. The toxins build up in the body and result in disorders and diseases. Not only that, but we also know that chemicals like glyphosate have carcinogenic properties and significantly increase the risk of cancer. There are sound reasons why companies like Monsanto are having to pay billions in damages for what the chemicals have done, says Ian. Genetically modified foods and additives are really taking a toll on our health.

Problems such as Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and celiac disease can be traced back to what we have all been eating. Even non-GMO, so-called organic foods may not be completely free from contamination. So much of our soil is contaminated, and microplastics have entered the food chain as well. Ian speaks about what he calls the Jewish American diet of bagels and cream cheese, which made him smelly and bloated even though he could ride a bike really fast. When he started to work on his diet, he realized that his body could absorb nutrients better and he could go even faster. He even started to look younger than his age.

Listen to the podcast to know more about Ian’s insights about whole foods, big pharma, probiotics, rehabilitating the microbiome, cleansing, supplements, and more. Ian is committed not only to eating healthy himself but also to helping others do the same. If you would like to know more or get advice from Ian, you can write to me at gorel@icgre.com

Adiel Gorel

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