Scientific Meditation Techniques to Systematically Help Improve All of Our Human Processes

Adiel Gorel

How Age-Old Traditions Adapt to Brand-New Scientific Interpretations

Rami Guissin joins me on The Adiel Gorel Show to talk about his scientific meditation techniques from about seven thousand miles away, all the way from Israel. In the first part of my podcast with Rami, he spoke about how he has a PhD in applied math and has been working in research and development using various new technologies.

He shares how he became interested in the ancient system of yoga and meditation; particularly the eight steps or stages of yoga described by the sage Patanjali. He also gave me a step-by-step demo of the scientific meditation techniques he uses; which had my friend Shula raving about her experience with Rami. In part two of the podcast, he explains more about the process.

The eight states of the process.

scientific meditation techniques

Every process needs to start with an intention. – Rami Guissin

Rami explains how each process has to begin with an intention. Without this, the process will not happen as desired or will not happen at all. The second stage is learning. There is always something to learn because the world is constantly changing and there is always something new or unfamiliar to know about. Next, we have to make a choice – the choice of the right option out of the many available. The fourth stage is actually taking action. This is the active stage, where we actually make things happen.

The next stage is creating. Every action involves a creative process so that is the fifth stage, says Rami. Next is gratification or giving gratitude. This is the stage that brings us joy and satisfaction, where we must also acknowledge this joy and give thanks. The seventh stage is about restraining. It brings us back to earth and to a state of equilibrium. The last stage is release, which offers a sense of closure, without which the next process cannot start. Rami mentions how yogic philosophy is similar to therapy principles of Jung, Gestalt and so on.

Connecting with yourself through scientific meditation techniques.

Though this sounds rather complicated, it can be quite simple once put into practice. It is an accessible method that helps us connect to ourselves in a very natural way. It employs our four faculties, namely thoughts, feelings, intuitions and sensations to do this. It then comes to us quite naturally and becomes easy to follow.

With his background in applied science and math, Rami creates a unique blend of science and spirituality for his scientific meditation techniques. When using his method, people are required to enter mindful meditation scores that are then processed algorithmically, and empirically analyzed. The synching interface is then incorporated for the user’s wellness, self-assessment, and feedback tool for self-help.

Users can choose a theme that is of special interest to them; an area where they need help, such as family, relationships, health, professional challenges etc. The breath rhythm and beat then synchronize with the eight stages and creates a certain intensity of experience.

To know more about Rami’s scientific meditation techniques and his future plans for his book, app and his website, you can tune in to my podcast. Learn more about Rami Guissin’s impressive, helpful and quite unique meditation methods.

Adiel Gorel

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