Shakti & Shiva, Yin & Yang, Male & Female – Why Sex Is All About Balance

Adiel Gorel

How Man & Woman Are Complementary, Not Competitive – Margot Anand Explains

She is close to 80 years of age, but the voice and image that came at me from Bali were youthful, energetic, and full of the kind of vitality that people half her age would envy. Margot Anand is a unique and fascinating person, and her personality seems to reflect her name Anand, which means happiness or joy. She is someone who has deeply studied ancient tantric texts, and has been training others in how to experience her approach to greater love, sexuality, and intimacy.

Love, Sex and Awakening.

Margot has written books such as The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers and The Art of Everyday Ecstasy (Dialogues at the Chopra Center for Well Being), and many others. She speaks about her book Love, Sex, and Awakening: An Erotic Journey from Tantra to Spiritual Ecstasy, which she recommends people read so that they have an idea about her training and her methods. The audiobook versions of her works are also available at her website where Margot Anand’s secret keys to the ultimate love life can be found.
In the book she shares her own experiences with vipassana meditation after heartbreak and a divorce. She speaks of the many vengeful thoughts she had at the time, because after a wounding experience the mind has to release the pus to get rid of the wound of infection. She speaks about her experiences with meditation and how this led to an epiphanic realization. Margot speaks about how we can be perfectly happy with ourselves and how we don’t need others to fulfill us, because freedom goes hand in hand with awakening.

The importance of balance and joy.

Among other things, Margot’s training programs are designed to help men reach their inner feminine and to help women access their inner masculine traits. She narrates an amusing anecdote about herself reaching within and accessing her own masculine when she was being harangued for her passport at the airport because of COVID restrictions. She feels that both men and women benefit and become better rounded personalities when they are able to access the opposite within themselves. She gives an example of balance as in the union of yin and yang. For a good relationship to flourish, there has to be a balance of power, and a playfulness between two people, she says.
Margot gives the example of the couple of Shiva and Shakti where the ego is subsumed and couples recognize the divine aspect of the other. A man like Shiva is very attractive to women, she says – a man who is patient, present, who listens without interruption and who knows when to surrender. A part of the training is the unique SkyDancing that Margot teaches. She shows how a man can be soft and gentle; how he can temper and slow down his excitement to delay orgasm. Men and women learn how to honor each other, listen to each other, share sacred moments, and develop a magic in their coupledom.
In this episode Margot also speaks about the Taoist, South American and Egyptian traditions, and their view on this inner energy. She speaks about how men can withstand strong excitement by practicing self-pleasuring, certain breathing techniques, and the tightening of the muscles, and how women can use the crystal egg to create friction within the ‘yoni’. We also speak of the higher chakras and about the relationship between sex and creativity. To listen to our frank and fascinating conversation, check out the podcast or the video. 
Adiel Gorel

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