What Makes Centering and Stillness an Important Part of Any Fitness Regime?

Adiel Gorel

Building Flexibility or Strength? Training For Elite Athletes – The Answer Is Both

Training for elite athletes or the common man, some aspects are a constant. I recently attended some sessions of a program called Synergy, created by Janel Willette. She struck me as a remarkable person not just for her personal levels of fitness, but also for the wonderful program she has created, which is helping so many others become healthier and fitter. I was delighted to have Janel on my podcast as a guest and I was able to pick her brain about the inspiration that drives her, what her fitness program entails, and more. You can check out the podcast here.

Why Mere Strength Is Not Enough.

Janel Willette is a fitness coach and trainer who has created a unique system of wellness that works not only on the physical body but also helps create mental toughness as well, which is especially required during training for elite athletes. Her system draws on tai chi, yoga, Pilates, cardio, resistance training, and so on as well as certain meditative practices for holistic wellness. Janel believes that it is important to be aware of the stillness and silence within even as we move. This helps enhance the quality of attention; something that can be applied not just to wellness but even to other aspects of one’s life, she says.

As we build strength, we must also increase our range of motion to utilize that strength. – Janel Willette

As someone who is herself formidably strong, she came to realize that mere strength is not enough. One has to be flexible as well because having that range of motion is important. There was a time when Janel found that while she was very strong, she was very stiff and inflexible. As such, she was not able to put that strength to optimal use. Janel, therefore, believes that a balance of strength and flexibility, power and agility are equally vital components in the training for elite athletes and regular people alike. Also, being flexible provides protection against falls, injury, and stress; another reason we should try to be more flexible.

How Synergy Works.

Janel had customized a training program for me, which she also does for many others, depending on their age, fitness levels, and fitness goals. Whether someone wants to start running or mountain climbing or simply become healthier, she can help people achieve their goals. She recommends visiting her website, where visitors can check out some short videos to get an idea of what her programs entail.

It is true that as we age, we start to become slower, less strong, less active, and less flexible. However, we don’t have to relegate ourselves to a life where we are off balance, less agile, stiff, and uncoordinated. We can work on all these aspects of our physical being to stave off the impacts of aging in effective ways. Janel is not a fan of the gym and she conducts a lot of her sessions out of doors, even barefoot in the sand. She uses simple and easily portable equipment such as resistance bands and a physioball and one’s own body weight for much of what she teaches. This means that you can easily carry your fitness regimen with you even when you travel.

Janel explains how physical movements stimulate mental activity as well; which is why her system creates synergy between mind and body, which helps enhance holistic wellness. This works for everyone, no matter whether it’s training a regular person or training for elite athletes. Check out the video of our conversation here.

Adiel Gorel

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