Why You Need To Check Your Light Diet – Roudy Nassif Explains

Adiel Gorel

How VivaRays, World’s First Blue Light Management Glasses, Work

In part one of my conversation with Roudy Nassif, we spoke about his life and research into the importance of our ‘light diet’, and the way the body’s circadian rhythms work. Roudy shared with me his fascinating research into the way light reacts with cell mitochondria and the way artificial light confuses our system. We carried on our conversation, and in the second half of the podcast, we spoke about what led up to him becoming the co-founder of VivaRays – the world’s first 3-lens blue light management glasses.

Light and darkness impact us and our wellness.

When Roudy understood that his wellness, mood, energy, productivity and other factors were related to light exposure, he tried to find ways to counter the issue of blue light exposure. The constant exposure to artificial lights, particularly junk light emitted by LED bulbs, screens and other gadgets exposes us to blue light, which is the problem. While the body needs exposure to the blue and green light frequencies during the day time, this messes with our body’s functioning in the non-daylight hours. We are meant to be in the dark after sunset; instead we are being exposed to blue light from the TV, our phones and other gizmos.
We evolved to respond to the declining blue and green light levels at sunset; to wind down and rest when darkness came. Our circadian rhythm is based on this. While ideally we should be out experiencing the sunrise and sunset – the gradual appearance and slow fading of light – this isn’t practical or even possible given our busy lives. So, a device to filter out blue light becomes important to counteract the negative impact of this.

VivaRays – a holistic wellness solution.

Roudy found that there was a lack of effective solutions to cut blue light in the market. None of the products he tried seemed to work for him. They claimed to cut blue light emitted by various gadgets; however, they didn’t work for Roudy, who felt that he needed to create a better solution. Natural light is of various qualities and temperatures at different points during the day.  It moves from higher to lower color temperatures, which affects the circadian clock. This variation and gradual shifting of light is something that regular blue light blocking devices are not able to deal with.
So Roudy co-founded VivaRays to create a holistic solution to the problem that could imitate the naturally and dynamically moving light in nature. This product actually consists of three different lenses meant for different times of the day and night. This product is based on a freelance circadian technology system that is designed to block different amounts of blue light at different times of the day. This facilitates different color temperatures of light, depending on the light that is present in nature at a particular time of the day. So there are specific solutions for the daytime, for the evening, and for the nighttime, based on the time outside. For people with prescription glasses such as myself and so many others, these lenses can be clipped on to existing spectacles.
Join me in my conversation with Roudy Nassif and the story of VivaRays. If you are someone that has problems with sleep, energy levels and chronic fatigue, you may want to see if artificial light is the reason for those issues as well. You may find that the holistic wellness solution you seek is here!
Adiel Gorel

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